10.28.2022 UPDATE: MOLDS! ARGH!


I had a decent week.  My oldest order got shipped (finally), and several rather large, older orders went out as well.  Next week, I’ll start working on orders from the first week of September!  Yes, in the case of larger orders, I am that far behind!

That said, I can no longer accept some of the molds I have.  They simply need to be replaced.  So, if your order contains a BEF Matilda or anything for the Sd.Kfz.6 Half-Track, it is going to be delayed while I replace ALL the molds for these items.  I am also going to have to replace ALL the molds for the M-18.  They have been burned up and I will not ship anything from the current molds.  I just will not put the TMD name on them.

So, whether you guys like the delays or not, this next week is going to include a couple days of no shipping so I can have time to replace the rubber I need to keep your castings at the quality you expect.  I will spend a part of Sunday trying to get new Matilda molds poured, but I am still going to need to pour new M-18 and Sd.Kfz.6 molds, plus a few other smaller, high-use molds.  In short, this is going to take time away from shipping.

I will try to ship out as many small orders as I can get shipped.  There are a few of those, but they are new and, thus, lowest in my priority list (sorry).  Once again, if the slow shipping is a problem, DO NOT ORDER!  Please!

I’ll keep you posted.  Stay safe out there, and thank you for your continued patience.


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