10.21.2022 UPDATE: DAYLIGHT!!!


I can see the bright light of day again!  I had a great week, and shipped a number of older, larger orders.  I am now down under 45 outstanding orders for the first time since I announced the sale of TMD, and I have another 9 cast and ready to be packaged and shipped.  In fact, I have caught up enough that I can cast for tomorrow, then package what I poured yesterday.  This is called a rhythm, and it is something I haven’t seen since I posted the last 20% off sale, before I announced the sale of TMD.  It’s like standing in the bright light of the sun again after months in the dark!

Now, for the not so sunny news.  I will finally start on the oldest, biggest orders on Monday.  These will slow me down (again).  So, here is the plan:

I will grab these older, bigger orders from the oldest to the newest and just fill them as I go.  If a smaller order comes in while I am doing this, and I can ship it without slowing the big orders down, I will.  But every order that comes in from now until the big orders are out of here will go to the end of the line!

If everything stays smooth and oiled like it is now, I have every confidence that I will have everything shipped and be back to filling the daily orders by the end of November — just in time for my December break and your last minute rush orders.  But not to worry: I will post an announcement letting every one know that any and all orders placed in December will be at least 30–45 days in getting shipped!

Anyway, it feels good to have caught up to this point.  Now, let me get these big boy orders tackled.  More next week.

Stay safe,


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