2022.6.17 UPDATE: Thinking About ‘Pulling A Hitler’


This was a week of indecision.  I managed to make some headway on many fronts, but not as much as I had hoped to accomplish.  I’m starting to sense that I am letting you guys down again, so I’m thinking about ‘Pulling a Hitler.’  Hit the ‘READ MORE’ button and I’ll explain.


So, I finished a few house chores, which is not such a simple thing in 97+ F and 80%+ humidity from 0900-2000 hours, but that’s Florida for you.  I also managed to make headway on new masters, but I didn’t get enough finished to release anything new.  Sooo, I’m thinking of ‘Pulling a Hitler.’  By that, I think I am going to launch a major new offensive late into the summer campaign months.  So, starting right now, I am going to triple my efforts to get TMD”s troops moving forward again.  In fact, I hope to push them into making a major break-through that can be exploited later this summer and early fall.  Think: Barbarossa Follies.  I just hope I have better luck than the guy with the goofy haircut and funny mustache.  🙂


As I write this, Friday, June 17, I have 1 open order.  It is a big one, too.  I need to make new molds for this order.  With luck, I’ll make them over the weekend and get it shipped out by Tuesday.


Nothing new today, but I have made progress on the M-18 OVM tools with cast-in footman loops and straps.  In fact, this is what slowed me down this week.  I had just about finished making the tools when I realized I was messing up again.  Instead of thinking and working long-term, I was focused on the short-term again.  So, I stopped myself and started over — doing it the right way this time. Unless I assume room temperature (or something close to it), I will have some new M-18 goodness next Friday (this is ‘break the front lines or die’ sort of stuff).

Also, last week, I re-released 2 of our older conversion kits.  You will find that the M8 HMC and Sd.Kfz.9/1 Famo crane conversions are both back in production.  I will keep them on line as a regular part of our product listings from this point forward.  However, the 9/1 Famo inventory is hard set.  When the PE is gone, this kit will be permanently discontinued.  Act accordingly.


At the moment, I am 100% focused on M-18 OVM tools, but it will also yield a whole new line of U.S. AFV tool mounts and assorted goodies.


I called this morning, but Karl didn’t answer the phone.  I haven’t spoken to Karl in several weeks now.  Hopefully, he is still plugging away at the CCKW and Sherman upper hull masters.


The shop is in decent shape.  If all goes well, BB and I will get it back into fighting trim this coming week — in time for the Summer Offensive.


I cleaned up the office side of things, and the master bench is still in very good shape.  All I have to do here is tidy up the sitting/TV area.


I”m good, and BB is doing very well.  She said this has been the best summer break she has had in years.  It is hot here, but the whole country is experiencing a heat wave.  I pray the Lord will let up on us soon.  Until then, you guys make sure you stay safe in the heat.


Well, that’s all I have for everyone this week.  Until next time, you stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


2 thoughts on “2022.6.17 UPDATE: Thinking About ‘Pulling A Hitler’

  1. Dont feel that way, you’re still making headway, headway is headway. A little bit is better than nothing. I am a dental lab tech so I can feel what youre feeling. I bought your M18 stuff and am very very happy with it. So just keep keeping on…

  2. So glad you have brought back the sdkfz 9/1 crane .
    I had bought the crane when you put it back in the catalog without the platform…….needless to say, l want that platform so l will be ordering when it becomes available.
    Again, many thanks for this ….
    Al Zumsteg

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