2022.6.10 UPDATE: We Struck Water!


This was a disappointing week on the modeling front, but not so bad on the home front.  Hit the ‘READ MORE’ button and I’ll share the details.


The enemy showed up in a different form of ‘wait-a-minute’ vines.  We were supposed to have had a shallow well put in this past Monday, but the permit took a day longer than promised.  This pretty much burned Monday.  Then, because we have several layers of really hard lime stone under us, and they had to go to 40 feet to get a good well, they couldn’t complete the well on Tuesday.  Finally, on Wednesday, they had to keep running back to town for fittings because I had asked them to put in a high-volume irrigation pump, something they don’t normally install.  Still, it got finished and we have our well, but I didn’t get on the master bench until Thursday.


As I write this, Friday, June 10, there are no open orders in the shop.  I may have been per-occupied with domestic matters this week, but I did keep up with the orders.


Nothing new today, but I have re-released 2 of our older conversion kits.  You will find that the M8 HMC and Sd.Kfz.9/1 Famo crane conversions are both back in production.  I will keep them on line as a regular part of our product listings from this point forward.  However, the 9/1 Famo inventory is hard set.  When the PE is gone, this kit will be permanently discontinued.  Act accordingly.


I made progress on the M-18 driver’s compartment this week.  I don’t think many of you out there understand what I am doing.  This is not going to be a Verlinden ‘fill-the-whole’ type of product.  It will be on line with our M-10 driver’s compartment.  The engineering proved to be more difficult than I had first thought, as there is much more going on in that hole than first meets the eye.  Still, I have it figured out now and I am advancing at a good pace.  I’ll post in-progress pictures as soon as I get far enough along that I don’t have to worry about helping the competition. 🙂


I haven’t spoken to Karl this week, which usually means nothing much has changed.  He is still plugging away at the CCKW and Sherman upper hull masters.


The shop is in decent shape.  I still have to put away some molds are stow a bunch of production blanks, but I can work again.


The same thing applies to the office as with the shop.


I’m doing good.  Getting the shallow well finished means I have to start running the irrigation system, but this can be done as I have time.  It’s just a big load off my mind that I can now keep all the trees and grass alive when it stops raining around here.

On another note: things are moving along with my side-line venture.  In fact, I should ‘go live’ with it in the next couple weeks.  I’ll write a ‘JOE’S CORNER’ about it when things get closer to a ‘GO.’


Well, that’s all I have for everyone this week.  Until next time, you stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


3 thoughts on “2022.6.10 UPDATE: We Struck Water!

  1. Is there an ETA for the M18 pioneer tools? That is the last item i need before placing my order for upgrading.

      1. Thanks for the response. Understand you working on a ton of M18 and other products. I’ll patiently wait.

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