2021.4.30 UPDATE: I Had A Rough Week

Hello Friends (and valued customers);

I was supposed to re-lease new items today, and I almost made it. But I had a bad week, and, rather than try to push things before I feel better, I am going to push things 1 week. Hit the ‘read more’ button for more details.


The week started off great. I had a visit from a personal friend and a good friend of TMD. He had been visiting family on the east coast and took the time to stop by on his way home to Louisiana. I was fighting my chronic bronchitis that day, but was doing well and thought I had gotten over it. However, the day after my visit, I started feeling badly and it went down hill from there. Yesterday, I finally had to go see the doctor for this mess. It was the second time this year. The X-ray was clear of anything really bad, but they shot me up with steroids (to which I had a slight reaction), gave me a nebulizer treatment to confirm I didn’t have anything more serious, then sent me home with several scripts. This morning, I am slightly better, but still not as clear-headed as I need to be — and I still have to go help my father with some errands later today. I do have close to a dozen new items to release, but, like I said, I am not feeling well and am pressed for time. Therefore, rather than try to force things like I usually do, I am going to push the new releases by 1 more week. I will have them for you next week. I just need to make the production molds and write up the listing pages.


Since I am going to be pushing the new releases until next week, I will also hold the full update until next Friday, as well. I’ll just leave you with the plan for this week.

1 — Get better! I have been fighting this chest infection since December now. NO! It is NOT COVID! It is allergy-induced, chronic bronchitis. It happens every year, but I usually get over it by early February. The problem this year seems to be the lingering affects of hurricane Michael and the funny weather. The plants are confused and the pollen counts are off the charts, which means, my allergies are in over-drive.

2 — Take the time to get ready for Friday! I need to do a little maintenance on the shop air compressor, so I am going to drop it off at the shop today to be repaired. I have the back-up compressor, so I can still fill orders. Since my main focus this week will be on making molds, I just thought this would be a good time to get the compressor fixed.

3 — Make production molds! This will be my primary focus this week: making the production molds for the new releases. I usually have to play catch-up on this issue, making the full production molds after I release a new item. This means I am slow to fill the initial orders. Well, this time, I am going to do my best to be ready for you.

4 — Write the new listings! I usually write the listing pages the day I list them. This is one of those jobs I do not like, so I usually don’t do things as well as I could. This week, I will start on the listing pages as soon as my head is clear enough to do a good job. This time, I am going to make a maximum effort to post the full set of product pictures along with the most accurate details and cross-listings I can. Essentially, this will be where I start to update the listings on the web store.


This is all I have for you today. I apologize for the disappointment, but I really have had a bad week. I just hope you’ll give m one more week. Until then, please stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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