2021.5.7 UPDATE: Finally! New Stuff Is Here!

Friends (and valued customers);

After a year of being idle, this week, I finally have some new releases for you. I also have updates on my health as well as the company. So, hit the ‘read more’ button and I’ll share all the details with you.


I suppose I should start here. As of right now, I am feeling much better, although, my bronchitis seems to still be holding on a bit. Luckily, I have a few more days left on my medications and, if I am still not 100% after those are gone, I plan to go back to the doctor. I need to be better. This has had me down for the better part of five months now and I’m tired of it.


As I write, I have one open order, and I emailed that customer to tell him why I held his order. Otherwise, the shop is clear, so place your orders this weekend. I need something to do next week 🙂


As promised, I will finally post some new releases for you later today. Everything is done, I just need to write up the listings and upload the product pictures. This will be finished before sunset! I also have the first of the re-worked products ready. I’ll try to post them by the end of the day, as well. However, if they don’t make it, I’ll just post them as I have time. The new stuff is my priority today.

These first items are ‘smalls,’ but they are just a start. More will be coming at the end of the month. For now, I just need to get things going again. It has been so long, it almost feels like I’m launching a new company. So, these new goodies will be a good thing for me. I hope you find something useful for yourself, as well.


I am still working on the Stuart family, but I also have some masters for the Matilda out on the bench. I will not make any promises. All I will tell you is that I am making totally new products and updating a lot of old ones, as well. They will be announced as they are ready.


I have not spoken with Karl this week, but the last time we did talk, he was working on Vietnam era projects, and getting excited about the U.S. half-tracks again. He also mentioned the new Tamiya M3 Stuart kit. As soon as something new comes from him, I’ll let you know.


Things are good on this front. The shop is clean and organized, and all but one order has been shipped.


Things are good here, too. I do need to dust and put a few books away, but the office is in good shape, as well.


I think I finally figured out what my problem is. I may post a JOE’s CORNER about it later. It will depend on whether or not I finish posting the new products in time, and I am still in the mood to run my mouth. I will also try to post an update on my Tiger I build Sunday (yes, I am still plugging away at it).


This is all I have for this month. I’ll post again at the end of the month. Until then, please stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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