2021.4.9 UPDATE: ENOUGH! Time To Try Something Different, Something New

Hi Folks,

OK, so it’s no secret that I’ve been in a funk pretty much since the lock-downs started. I suspect I’m not alone, either. I know I need to get out of this funk, but nothing I’ve tried has worked. That’s why I have decided to take the advise of a friend and try something a little different.


As of this morning, I have shipped all open orders.


As far as I know, I only have 1 open customer service cases, and I’m not sure how to resolve it because it deals with parts from a kit that has been OOP for a long time. Still, I’m trying to find a fix.


I have been trying to get new product made and released for months, and I just can’t seem to get it done. Everything that used to work for me in the past has failed. All I seem to be doing is shooting myself in the foot, or setting myself up for disappointing you, which has lead to the start of something that could easily and quickly turn into a death spiral. A friend called me this past week and offered a suggestion. I’m not sure I like it, but I’m going to try it. Here it is — in a nutshell.

This will be my last weekly update until April30. After that, I will only write monthly updates. These will be posted on the last Friday of the month. I will also hold any new products I manage to make until the same day. This way, everything I manage to accomplish in a given month will be shared at all one time. The idea is to help me feel like I have accomplished something while — at the same time — keep me from looking like such a fool to the rest of you folks out there in the cyber universe. Like I said, I’m not sure whether or not I like this, but I see the logic behind it and I am going to give it a try — at least for the next few months. I’ll see how well it works and re-evaluate from there.

In the mean time, I will keep working on updates to the existing line and web store. These will just get posted as they happen. I will also be using our FaceBook and MeWe pages to show these updates. Unfortunately, I think I have allowed far too many modelers to either forget about TMD, or about just how much our line has to offer. This is my fault, and I will be working to correct this deficiency, as well.


I don’t have anything new today. Look again on the 30th.


Sorry, no news on this front — mostly because I am a bad friend and haven’t called Karl to see how he’s doing.


The shop is in very good shape. I may not be mastering, but I have not been sitting on my hands, either. I have managed to finish almost every goal I made for the shop. The only two things that remain are to number the file folders for the instruction sheets and product packaging, and to add the sub-master storage boxes I’m missing and then get all the lose sub-masters that are laying around put in their new, permanent homes. Once this is accomplished, there is no way I could envision a cleaner, more efficiently organized shop.


The office is also in pretty good condition. I do have a little house keeping to do, but that’s just normal upkeep. I still need to dust and sweep, you know. Otherwise, the office has also been receiving my attention. Like I said, I have not been idle, just unable to make new product.


Well, that’s all I have for you this week. So, until April 30, please stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


P.S. My Test Build

For those of you who know about and are following my Tiger I build, please note that I am at a point where I need to start painting a few items. Luckily, I read a post on Facebook from a guy who realized that acrylics still produce a fine mist that can be inhaled. With my lung problems, that would not be a good thing. Now, I have a good mask, but I think I need to vent the fumes out of my building space. So, I called a temporary halt to my build — but only until my new paint booth arrives next Tuesday. Until that time, I will keep assembling the plastic, but I won’t post any updates. I’ll do that after I can start paiting.

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