2020.10.16 UPDATE: A Growing Gloom


I had a decent week, but I must confess that I didn’t make a whole lot of progress. I did good just to keep up with the daily chores. I fear I am falling victim to a growing sense of malaise, but I’ll try to keep that out of this update. So, come along and I’ll give you this weeks briefing.


Well, judging by the feedback (and orders) I’ve received, the web site has been generally well received. Yes, I know there are some things that need to be fixed: some pictures are missing, others are hard to see and a few items are in the wrong category. I took the week off from the web site, so I didn’t get any of this fixed. However, Dave Hobbs has been cataloging the items that need our attention. So, as soon as he and I can have a conference about how best to ‘tweak’ the web site, we will get to work doing exactly that.


As I write this today, Friday, Oct. 16, there are no open orders in the shop. I still have a turret mold I need to make for a customer, and I have a missing order that needs to be shipped. I hope to have those customer service issues handled by Monday. Otherwise, things are good on this front.


I’m not going to lie to you: I have nothing new to announce. In fact, I doubt I will have anything new for several weeks. At this point in time, it doesn’t make business sense (and that’s all I am going to say about this).


I have the M10 and German armored cars on my bench, but I have absolutely zero desire to touch any of it. So, until my mood/attitude improve, don’t look for or expect much from me on this front.


I spoke to Karl yesterday. Generally, he is doing well. However, like me, he has not sat at his master bench in a couple weeks. Strangely enough, he and I seem to be in the same place for the same general reason. So, just hang in there. Hopefully, things will change in a few weeks or so.


The shop is in decent shape. I have a few molds to put away but, for the most part, it is as in order as it ever gets.


The office is also in fairly good shape. I need to find the motivation to start posting my aircraft reference books on EBay (they need to go), but, aside from that, everything is up to date in the office.


I might write a JOE’S CORNER post today. I don’t know. If you have subscribed to our blog page, you’ll receive a notice if I do write one. Otherwise, you will have to check in on the blog page to find out what I decide. Otherwise, that’s all I have for now. So, until next time, please, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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  1. We can pray for Karl, he just finished a pre-surgery exam, its not life threatening or anything like that, just to work on a long standing injury from long ago. I know he would appreciate that. Any HIPA rules broken here?

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