2020.10.9 UPDATE: One Step Back


After taking two steps forward the past two weeks, this week was a step backward (or, maybe more correctly, in place). Come on and I’ll give you the details.


I had planned to do some work on tweaking the look and function of the new web store this week. Well, that didn’t happen (which is the step backward or in place). However, I did manage to learn a little about what will need to be done going forward. I am also happy to announce that, so far, the feedback on the new store has been great — as have been sales. So, all together, I think we’re holding our own here.


I actually finished the M10 instructions this week, but I had to post them on the blog page. One of the things I still have to learn is how to post a pdf to the listing page on the new web store. Until then, the instructions are up and you can access them here. I will try to get the Achilles instructions finished soon. They really only need 1 additional page — or rather, a page change.


I have a few open orders. 2 are waiting on new molds, and both customers know about the delay. The others came in within the last 24 hours, so I pushed them until Monday.


It would appear that the mail has lost one of my packages, so I am replacing an order. There was no need for my customer to go to PayPal. He let me know about the issue and I did what I always have: I stood behind my company. As far as I know, this is the only remaining customer service issue I have. The rest shipped out today.


I managed to clean the shop today, so it’s in good shape. I hope to order a re-stock on some things next week — so we’ll be ready in the event the world goes sideways after Nov 4.


The office has also been cleaned up and gotten ready for November.


OK, that is everything I have for you this week. Thanks for stopping by. Until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


2 thoughts on “2020.10.9 UPDATE: One Step Back

  1. one of my favorite songs is ‘What a wonderful world’ I wonder if it will still be after Nov 4, prob not either way

    1. Oh, please, don’t get me going. I’ve been struggling enough trying to put the what ifs out of my head. I don’t need anyone confirming my worries 🙂

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