I have received a few complaints about warped items. These have ALL been connected to orders that were placed and filled in the last 2-3 weeks. I cannot explain this, as I have not been doing anything differently these past few weeks. In fact, I have been pouring the molds for shipping the next day — so I am relatively confident the castings have been fully cured.

Still, I care about my quality control. So, although I still had quite a bit left, I discarded the resin in my bins and made a new batch today. I also checked the A/C and dehumidifiers to insure the climate control system is working correctly. I hope this will eliminate this problem.

If you receive an order with a warped casting that you cannot fix with a hot water bath, please let me know so I can track it. I will also make sure to replace it. Remember, NO ONE LOSES THEIR MONEY WITH TMD!

Thank you and stay safe,


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