I am an imperfect person trying to run a small little company as best and as honestly as I can.  I make mistakes.  I admit this.  But, as most of you who have encountered my mistakes should know, I bend over backward to correct and make up for them.  I sincerely want to be as honest and fair with my  customers as I can possibly be, and I never want anyone to loose their money because they did business with me. All I ask in return is that, if you have a problem with me or one of my products, could you please be decent enough to email me before you go to PayPal and ruin my vendor rating.  I mean, honestly, just tell me if you are not happy.  I’ll give you your money back.  You don’t have to do something that will cost me money for the next 6+ months — do you?  Especially before you even talk to me about it…  🙁


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