2020.1.16 UPDATE: A Total Strategic Re-Deployment


I have decided to make a strategic change of plans for 202.  If you’re interested, I’ll share the details with you — but only those that will affect you, the customer.


I have decided to focus on ‘cleaning up’ TMD.  So, from now until I am happy, I am going to work on those things that should have been done long ago.  This list will include:

— A return to simplified but standardized packing headers.

— Adding missing or improving existing instruction sheets

— Remastering existing products

— Eliminating obsolete or out-dated products

— Making additional changes to the web site/store


I will continue to produce new items, but, while I am working to clean up TMD, I am going to limit these to items that have a general and wide-spread usefulness or to items that I have promised to produce but never got around to making.  In short, I am going to work on very useful items and on keeping promises.


I am also going to finish cleaning up the shop.  I still have drawers filled with stuff from my first year of operation.  It is time to either use it, sell it or throw it away.  It is also time to sort all the odd parts that are laying around and put them in their proper location.  When I finish, the shop should look and operate as professionally as it always should have.


As of today, there are 13 orders left in house, and all of these include one of the larger kit/conversions from the special holiday sale.  The molds are made and I am pouring and shipping the kits.  With a little luck, they will all be in the mail by this time next week.  I thank those of you still waiting for your patience.


Well, that is all I have — for now.  If you are interested, I posted a ‘JOE’S CORNER’ with a more personal explanation of what is behind this change of direction.  Otherwise, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably, something using TMD resin).


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