PRODUCT CORRECTION: Problem With M4 Baldwin Upper Hulls


John Hale has discovered an issue with our M4 Baldwin Upper Hull.  He bought one from us that has a significant problem with shrinkage.  Now, because of the resin I use and care I take with my casting, I seldom hear about this problem and, when I do, it is almost always due to contaminated resin.  However, in this case, the resin is not the problem.  After looking into this for John, it appears I may have been using a bad mold.  This is a mold I acquired when I took the company back from Jeff, so, while I am not trying to make an excuse by blaming my brother, I am saying that this explains why I had not noticed this issue before now — especially since John is the first to mention this issue!

Anyway, I have gone back to the master, inspected it to make sure the master is not the source of the problem (it is not), cleaned it up so it is good as new, and I am now setting it up to make a new mold.  By Wednesday, there shouldn’t be any problem with the Baldwin hull — not anymore.

If anyone out there has a TMD M4 Baldwin hull and you encounter shrinkage issues with it, please email me so I can send a replacement.  I have always told you guys that no one looses their money doing business with TMD and I mean that.  I make a lot of mistakes, and — for the most part — you guys are patient and forgiving to me.  I’ll be danged if I am not going to bend over backward to return the favor — especially when you have spent money on something I made and messed up.  No, sir!  If I ever do that, you let me know and I will fix it — period!  🙂

So, my apologies to John Hale (and those following his build), as well as to anyone else who may discover they have a bad casting.  I am on it and the problem will be corrected by Wednesday, 22 August 2018.


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