2018.8.24 UPDATE:Tough Decisions


I have encountered a huge opportunity to clean-up TMD’s operations.  However, it has also created a big dilemma for me.  I am posting this ‘supplemental update’ so you’ll know what is going on here and, hopefully, will understand why I might be about to disappoint a few of you.


The company is experiencing something I cannot remember ever happening before.  I do not have a single order or customer service issue in the shop — not one!  Normally, this would cause panic, because it usually means I’m going to have a difficult time paying the bills.  However, for the first time ever, I have almost all of next month’s overhead already in the bank.  This means I have a period where I have no orders to fill, but do not have to worry about money.  So, what to do with it?  Well, I have two choices.

First, I could push hard to have as many new products ready to release next Friday as possible.  This lull in orders would certainly make it possible to push out a few more items, but most likely, they would be smaller items.

On the other hand, I could put the shop in proper order.  I have things that have got to be put away, but they have never had a proper place created for them.  To be honest, this causes me a great deal of anxiety because I am constantly misplacing things, which then leads to a huge waste of time while I go hunting for it.  In addition to this, I could also clean up other parts of the shop that will make it easier to start putting simplified headers on our products again, and maybe even small instruction sheets.

So, I have one of those tough choices we small business owners have to make.  DO I push out a few more products in the hopes of earning a financial buffer and then hope I get another break in orders (something I cannot remember ever having until now)?  Or should I disappoint those of you looking forward to our new releases and take advantage of this rare opportunity?  I’m going to be honest with you.  If I were you, I wouldn’t be expecting new releases from me next week…


This is another thing I can tackle if I postpone my next release date.  I heard you guys when you gave me your suggestions.  If I tackle the shop during the time I would usually be filling orders, I can use the time I would usually master to work on the changes to the web store.  Here again, I think this is a rare opportunity for me to actually attend to things that have need to be done for a long, long time.  And again, I am leaning toward pushing back my next release date so I can work on the web store.

Which brings me to something I need to clarify.  One of you made me aware that I might have given the impression I was going to build a completely new web store that would make all changes at one time. Honestly, this was sort of the original idea — when I was still thinking I could exploit our friend in France.  Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to give him access to an administration page where he can do the work on the web store that needs doing without also giving him access to the financial side of the company.  I’m sorry, but that is a no-go.  No one gets access to that stuff except me and BB.

So, I am going to start making the changes you have been requesting, but I will do them piece-meal.  I’ll start with the search engine.  Then I’ll see if I can tweak the shopping cart.  Then I will make any cosmetic changes I decide to make.  After I get all of that done, I will start re-working the listing pages.  I am going to save this for last because it is going to take the most time.  Also, if I put this part off a little bit, I can do it in conjunction with the re-worked masters/products.  In fact, this might be how the updated listings get done: as we get to re-working each item.  In some cases, this will just mean new pictures.  In others, it will mean a totally up-dated master.  Either way, this is the best way for me to go about fixing the web store because it is the fastest way to fix the biggest problems and the best way to make sure I will be mentally prepared to push the project to completion.


Dave Hobbs has been added as an administrator.  I’ll be adding ‘Joe’s Corner’ and ‘Dave’s Corner’ to the blog page.  Dave is going to use his page to start posting reference material that will not only help you understand the details of various tanks and their variants, but will also have practical applications for your modeling (especially as it relates to using TMD products 😉  ).  As for me?  I’ll be using my page to do everything from explain my reasoning behind the things I do or offering my thoughts about issues connected to our hobby, to posting pictures of the masters I am working on or models I might actually be trying to build.  So, if you have not already done so, I urge you to sign up to follow our blog page.


NONE!  All orders have been filled and shipped — even the two I found lurking in the “cancelled” folder.


This is bothering me.  I now have 8 returned orders.  I have no idea what is going on, or how to find your email addresses.  All I can do is keep asking you to contact me if you are missing an order.


Honestly, I am doing really, really good.  I just have to figure out how to put enough discipline in my scuzzy body to actually lose some weight and get back into something that could at least be mistaken for ‘shape.’  Currently, I am in A shape — round!  But I need to work on living a little healthier.  Otherwise, Joe is A-OK! 🙂


Well, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).

— Joe

One thought on “2018.8.24 UPDATE:Tough Decisions

  1. Take the opportunity to get your shop squared away. I know how it feels to be in a crunch and have to look for something. THAT alone is very frustrating…my shop in the garage knows all about this!

    Updating/fixing the webstore would be the second thing to tackle if the organization goes smoothly.

    Regardless of what you get to, the fact that you’re doing okay is paramount. You’ve got a “calm” time for a bit – use it wisely…some shop time and some “you and BB” time.

    Take care and enjoy!


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