2018.8.17 UPDATE: Well, This Is New

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the New TMD blog page.  This is the second update I’ve posted here.  If you have not already heard, I am going to be moving all updates and announcements about new releases to this blog.  From now on, the web store will be for sales, only!  So, if you have not already done so, please sign up to follow this blog (click the “FOLLOW” button in the left hand margin).  Now, I am experiencing something I have not experienced in a long, long time.  Come on, I’ll tell you about it.


The ‘Big News’ this week is that I do not have any orders in the shop!!!  I have shipped ALL outstanding orders, and I have even handled all routine customer service issues.  The only two things I have going right now are a dealer order (no sweat — easy job) and a long-term mess I made with a close friend of TMD — and I am going to finally fix that mess next week.  So, after I post this update, I will be in the very strange position of having the first honestly clear weekend I can remember since I took TMD back from Jeff.  I have to confess, it feels weird — like I am doing something wrong — but I am going to try to enjoy it because I know you guys will not let this last long. 🙂


At the moment, there is nothing new to announce — sorry.  Next scheduled release date is tentatively set for August 31st.


At the moment, the Bergepanther and Panther A are on my bench.  I also have the last of Karl’s new masters sitting there.  However, I have also dug out a little more KV love, and the last of the Takom T-29/T-30/T-34 masters.  I’m not sure what all I will finish by the 31st, but there will be new stuff, and  — as of now — it looks like there should be a little something for just about everyone.


This is what I think I am going to focus on this weekend: starting to make the long overdue changes to the web store.  I will be asking my friend in France a LOT of questions, and I hope I do not cause him to get too annoyed with me, but I am going to learn what I need to do so I can do what I should be doing — making the web store easier to navigate and use.


I will be adding Dave Hobbs as an administrator next week.  He has a lot of useful information he has been wanting to share with the modelling community, he just hasn’t had a place to post it where it will stay easily accessible — until now.  I also hope to draft him into helping me update all the product listing pages.

That is the next thing I am going to be doing.  I am going to start updating one older product for every new product I release.  I may even treat the updated item as ‘new’ when I finish it.  This way, you guys will be reminded of the stuff we make you might not have known about or had forgotten and, if you did know, you’ll be aware of the changes that have been made to these older products.  The goal is to make them better and keep them current with the rest of the market.

I’ll be using the Blog Page to keep you posted on all of this.


NONE!  All orders have been filled and shipped — even the two I found lurking in the “cancelled” folder.


This is bothering me.  I now have 8 returned orders.  I have no idea what is going on, or how to find your email addresses.  All I can do is keep asking you to contact me if you are missing an order.


As I said earlier, I am in un-charted territory.  I have a real weekend off — nothing to worry about in connection to TMD.  I am sure this will change by Monday but, for the next two days, if I sit down to this computer, it will be to learn how to fix the web store — and that has me excited.  I am feeling like I am finally being responsible again, and it feels good.  I think I have been AWOL for too long.  Even BB seems to be happier with me this week, so, as you all know, I’ve got to be happy because, “When Mama;s happy, everyone is happy.”


Well, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).

— Joe

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