2022.5.6 UPDATE: Stay ‘Gumby,’ My Friends


I had to remind myself that a small business owner (heck, all of us, really) needs to remember to “Stay Gumby.”  If you’re not sure you know what that means, then hit the ‘READ MORE’ button and I’ll explain it to you 🙂


I had a good week.  I managed to ship all but three orders.  I got a few chores on BB’s list completed.  I managed a few ‘infrastructure’ changes that will let me get the shop cleaned up — finally!  But the big news is that we added a new dealer (more on that in a moment).  However, that new dealer order reminded me that I need to stay flexible.  This is where Gumby comes in.  For those of you who do not know, Gumby was a toy from back in the day.  He could be bent into just about any position you wanted to put him in, so, Gumby is the epitome of ‘flexibility.’  Hence, ‘Stay Gumby, my friends.’  Finally, I am waiting for my in-laws to arrive.  It is storming in our area today, so I am a little worried about them.  As you may remember, I love my in-laws, and not just because my Father-in-law reads my updates (Hi, Daddy John!).  We haven’t seen them in a while and I am praying the Lord sees them safely here and home again in this weather.


As I mentioned a moment ago, I have a new dealer.  ULTRA CAST, from Canada, just placed their first order.  They tell me they will try to build up my entire line, but that will take time.  For now, they placed a sizable order and I will be working on that starting Monday morning.  The goal is to get them shipped no later than Wednesday.  This is ambitious, but doable, so…


As I write this, there are only three orders still in house, and all three of those are waiting on replacement molds.  The customers affected have been emailed.  Otherwise, the shop is clear of orders.


I set the new releases I had planned aside.  With the new dealer order and my in-laws coming to visit this afternoon, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to put them out today.  Not only would it result in a back-log of orders due to the dealer order being ahead of new orders, it would create double shipping issues if the new items I have planned for next week actually make it.  So, I ‘stayed Gumby’ and pushed things back 1 week.  This way, there should be more new goodies for you and you can save on shipping.


The following are all still on my bench and making progress.

— Tools with cast-in straps and footman loops (just need to be treed and the molds poured)

— 1-piece canvas mantle cover (shooting for next week)

-– Foul weather hoods, erected and collapsed (working)

— Starting on the M-18 driver’s compartment next week

As soon as all of these are on the market, I am going to pivot to the M-18 interior and return to the IBG 7TP.


I spoke to Karl today.  He is putting the finishing touches on at least 3 new Sherman upper hulls.  All three will fill voids in our current line.  The CCKW projects are still on his bench, as well, he just put them to the side while he tries to finish the upper hulls.  Otherwise, Karl and his family are doing well.


The shop is reaching a critical point.  I have a master I need lost somewhere in the stack of things I have rounded up to be put away.  I will try to get to the shop Sunday but, if that doesn’t happen, I will be splitting Monday between working the new dealer order and cleaning the shop.


The office still needs work in the library area but, on the whole, it is holding its own.


I am doing well.  I need to get serious about losing some weight, but who doesn’t these days?  BB and I are also doing good.  Otherwise, Annie and the two older dogs are keeping me smiling (and hopping).  I hope all of you are doing equally as well, and a few of you out there who I know are having a difficult time right now —  Well, you and your families are in my prayers (for real, I’m not just saying that).


Well, that’s all I have for everyone this week.  Until next time, you stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


3 thoughts on “2022.5.6 UPDATE: Stay ‘Gumby,’ My Friends

  1. I would just like to leave an idea for your consideration……would there be ANY chance of you doing the Famo chassis floor for the Bielstein crane in the near future or not ???? …..just a thought!!!!

    1. I AM trying to fix the original master so I can put that conversion back out. The bottom de-laminated, and it will have to be totally rebuilt. Not too difficult, but will need a couple days to do. At the moment, I’m just pressed by the M-18, which is in much higher demand than a 20 year old conversion (sorry 🙁 )

  2. Hey Joe, very happy to see that all’s well with you, the family and TMD!. I really dig all the stuff for the M-18. I will be getting some of your Hellcat doodads in the near future for my old AFV Club kit. FWIW: Can we expect to seen anything from your Panther tank line in the near future? Big cats need love too 🙂 Please advise. thanks.

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