EBay Auctions!


I have been doing some serious re-evaluation around here, and I have decided to thin down the stash — seriously thinning down the stash. I am starting with everything I bought for me, and not TMD. I am also listing some things that have been hanging around the shop — un-used — for some time now. You might want to give my EBay listings a look-see.

There will be more items added/listed as December goes on, so you might want to add me to your EBay favorite seller list, or just check in from time-to-time to see what’s new.


Sorry, but, due to price insanity at the Post Office, I am only shipping to U.S. customers at this time (maybe Canada — you will have to email before bidding).

4 thoughts on “EBay Auctions!

  1. Hey Joe, that is a great stash you have listed, I would bid on tons of those EXCEPT that I probably have two of each that I would bid on already, seriously! I woke up today thinking about that 67th birthday coming up in March, wondering if it isn’t time to do the same thing myself. I see the issue of the post office has come up again, and it is a crying shame what has happened to the United States, mail, too. I can buy a kit from Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia and others for just a few dollars which makes me think whoever is behind the crazy US post office is trying to limit who can and who can’t mail stuff out of the country by ruining the free market for mailing. Well, you know who is ultimately doing this, Hope the auction goes well.

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