2021.11.14 NEW RELEASES

I apologize for the delay, but here are this past week’s new releases:


5195 — MG 13/MG 13K MG Barrels w/o Flash Suppressors (set of 2)

5197 — Panzer I Lifting Hooks (set of 50)

5198 — German Single-Wing Butterfly Stoppers (set of 50)

5199 — German 3-Ton Jack w/Jack Block (‘functional’)

NOTE: I was going to release a set of non-reinforced road wheels for the early Panzer I backdates, but I realized that, while I can clean them up easily with my Squadron seam scraper, there will be many who might not have the tool or who would otherwise find this a difficult task. So, I held the road wheels back until next week — so I can have time to redesign the way I cast them.


I hope to have the early fire extinguishers, Panzer I OVM/Pioneering Tools w/o Clamps, Non-Reinforced Road Wheels, and maybe a few more small details ready by this coming Friday.

Stay tuned.

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