2021.10.22 UPDATE: Gathering Speed


I had a good week — for a change. I managed to make headway on several fronts, and my mood has improved with this progress. Consequently, there’s quite a lot to share this week, so, if you have a few minutes, hit the ‘read more’ button and I’ll share the details with you.


As of the time I wrote this, I had no open orders in house. However, I have hope that the sale I am going to announce this weekend will change that.


Again, at the time I wrote this, I had no knowledge of any un-resolved customer service issues. If you are still needing something from me, please email me and let me know as you have somehow fallen off the radar of this aging and over-worked brain.


I will be announcing a sale this weekend. This is the last sale you will get from me this year, so, if you’ve been holding out, now is the time. Watch for the details to be posted Friday afternoon.


At the moment, I do not have anything new to release. However, there are now many things in the works as both Karl and I have apparently managed to get past our blocks at the same time. He has several new items close to completion, as do I. They will be announced only after they are ready for sale, but that time is getting very, very close.


I will not say too much about what is on my bench right now. I hope to post some pictures Sunday afternoon, but I am not going to make any promises. That will depend upon how much free time BB gives me this weekend. However, I will give you a few hints. To get over my block, I went back to my primary area of interest (WW II German armor) and started from the beginning (early war). I knew that I needed to do something that would both keep my interest and help me start the new products rolling again. I also had to work on something that would sell. Usually, the best way to do that is to work on a series of items that are related to more than just a single kit or vehicle. So, that’s what I did. I started working on a series of products that will be applicable to an early WW II German armored vehicle family. You’ll just have to guess from there as this is all I am saying until such time as I can post the teaser pictures, but the first five masters are already completed and the production molds are being made.


Carl sent me some pictures of several masters he’s been working on earlier this past week. As usual, they look good. The hints here are: U.S. crew-served weapons; U.S. maintenance and recovery vehicles; and Korean War era British armor. Same thing here as above: until I have the finished masters in the shop, you’re just going to have to guess as to what they are. The good news and the happy take-away is that Karl is working again.


The shop is in generally good shape. I need to fix an overhead light that doesn’t seem to want to stay on over the mold bench, and I need to put a few things away and sweep the place up, but — otherwise — the shop is in good condition and ready for sale orders.


The office is also in decent shape, but could use a bit more cleaning than the shop. The primary issue here is that I am still waiting on a cable I need to hook up and set up the new PC I bought several months ago. It is supposed to come in by the end of the day so, with a little luck, that will get itself resolved over the weekend.


This is a different subject, and one I have promised to address only on TMD’s BLOG PAGE. That said, the time has come to share a bit more about what has been bothering me the past year or so, and I hope to do that in a new JOE’S CORNER post sometime today. If you are interested, you might want to watch for that as well as the sale announcement.


OK, that is all I have — for now. I will have more to share next week, as well as the first of the new masters. Until then, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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