JOE’S CORNER: Family First!

If you read the update for this month, then you should already know that I had some rather serious family issues this past month. Without going into too much detail, my mother — who is 76 — suffered a double stoke. The Lord was kind to her, and it appears she will make a full recovery — both mentally and physically. But she suffered a set-back while she was still in the hospital, and this has greatly complicated her physical therapy. As the oldest child in our family, it fell to me and BB to do most of the running that my parents needed while my mother was in the hospital and rehab center. Now that they are home, we are still having to help out more than usual, as neither of my parents can drive anymore. Since BB and I live about a half hour from my parents, all the trips we have had to make have greatly disrupted my time in the shop and on the master bench. Add to this the fact that we were helping to watch out and care for three different households that came down with COVID and our elderly neighbors and I hope you will see and understand that last month was given over to much more important things than models. I will do my best to catch up, so I can have the new items currently on my bench ready for release on July 30 — but no promise.

As always, thank you for your support. Stay safe out there, Joe

2 thoughts on “JOE’S CORNER: Family First!

  1. Wow…sorry Loki and Eris are paying too much attention to you! Hopefully all goes as hoped for and intended. Having just completed the hospital/home/hospital/home circuit myself, I get it, as does anyone else worth considering.

    “Time.” Four-letter word, had you noticed?

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