2021.7.1 UPDATE: Priorities

Hi Folks,

I apologize for this, but there will be no new releases this month. I have a lot of masters on the bench that are in various stages of completion. These include some detail and correction pieces for the new IBG 7TP kits; a suspension correction for the Tamiya Pershing; some more stuff for the Matilda and additional pieces for the German armored cars/half-tracks. Unfortunately, I experienced some rather serious family issues that got in the way of me doing my job for you, and for TMD. I won’t bore you with the details here (those who want to know should know where to look for those by now). All I will say is that I will keep trying to push things to completion and pray that the Lord will see fit to let things happen by the end of July. So, until then, please stay safe and, if you can, try to build something using TMD resin 🙂

Thanks, Joe

2 thoughts on “2021.7.1 UPDATE: Priorities

  1. Good luck with all your tribulations, Joe, and best wishes for you and BB, other family members, neighbors, and friends. The resin will wait, but at my age, I can only hope it doesn’t wait longer than I can afford!

    1. Thank you. I appreciate the well-wishes. And, I promise, I will do my best to get to the resin, as well. It is — after all — another of my duties 🙂

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