If you placed an order this week, it has shipped. If you placed an order during the sale last weekend, here is an update on what I managed to accomplish this week.

Monday, I shipped 31% of the sale orders. Tuesday, I shipped another 31% of the sale orders. Thursday, I poured molds all day. Today, I shipped 55% of the sale orders. On the week as a whole, I shipped 83% of all orders that started or came into the shop this week.

As of this moment — Friday, June4, 1107 CST — I have 7 sale orders left to process. Every one of them requires at least 1 new mold before I will be happy with the quality of the castings I ship. If you have not received an email from, or your order does not show as shipped on the web store, you are one of the 7 waiting for new molds. If all goes well, I should ship your order by next Friday, one week from today.

Right now, I am taking off for the weekend. I’ll be back in the shop next week to pour those molds and ship the last of the sale orders. Thank again for your support. Please stay safe and, if you can, build something this weekend (preferably something using TMD resin).


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