I will be a bit slower in shipping orders for the next week or two. Two weeks ago, my mother had a double stroke, and although she is going to make a 100% recovery, she is still in rehab. This has put a little bit of an unexpected demand on BB and I as we are needed to help get my father back and forth to visit, as well as to his doctor appointments. And now, four of our neighbors have come down with COVID, so I am helping them by running to the pharmacy and store when they need things. I am not complaining — honest. I just wanted my customers to know that I am very busy outside the shop, and – unfortunately — a lot of what I am doing comes before models (at least, it does in my world). I need your support, so I hope you will keep ordering. You guys out there are our only source of income in the summer. I just want you to know I may be a little slower than usual shipping your order, and to know why. I am doing my best to be a good son and neighbor as well as a good merchant. πŸ™‚

Thanks you and stay safe,


8 thoughts on “2021.6.14 UPDATE: IMPORTANT!

  1. Joe, Ill pray for your mom, a speedy recovery or else God’s will in how he heals her. And you should not worry about TMD, we all understand. Just do what you have to do first and then do TMD stuff.

  2. Hey Joe, I just put in an order but I am in no rush, so put it on your back burner and don’t take care of it until your Mom is home and everything else on the home front is A-Ok!

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