2021.1.29 UPDATE: Plans For 2021, Part Deux


Now that I’ve decided on the direction I’d like to take TMD in 2021, I’ve been giving more specific thought to the plan. Hit the ‘read more’ button and I’ll share the details with you.


First, as of the time I write this, I have 4 orders in the shop. All of them need new molds, which I hope to pour Sunday. So, if you have an open order with me, and you not received a shipping notification, your order is waiting on new molds.


As of this moment, I only have two open customer care issues. One dealing with an older T6 conversion (which I hope to resolve over the weekend), and another dealing with a very old and dear friend of TMD. Otherwise, if you are waiting on me to fix a problem, you should contact me as it may have fallen off the radar screen.


OK, last week I told you that I plan to spend 2021 re-working the TMD line. This week, I decided this will include the updating and re-releasing of all our old conversion kits. I might even put some of our older full kits back on the market. You will definitely see the M8 HMC conversion re-released; the Sd.Kfz. 9/1 Famo crane and the FLAK 18 Famo conversions; the T6 and Michael conversions; and you might even see the STZ T-34 in a limited re-release.

I have also decided where I am going to start the re-work. I am going to start with the M5/M5A1/M8 series. I already have the prototype conversion masters on the bench. While I work on these items, I will also start to work on updating all the smaller, spin-off or related detail sets that go with them. If all goes well, next week you will see the first updated listings start posting to the new web store.


Once again, there won’t be a whole lot of truly new stuff coming this year, but there will be a bunch of up-dated stuff. I will also be filling in missing details to our fuller lines. I am starting with the M5 series of light tanks. When I get finished, you will be able to build virtually any M5 or M5A1 by specific factory and manufacturing date — pretty much the same way you can use TMD products to build a Sherman the same way.


I spoke to Karl this week. He is doing better than I’ve heard him in years. He’s even back to building for himself. Yes, I think we will see a few masters dribble out from him in the process but, for now, I am more interested in our friend getting re-connected to his love of the hobby. Masters can’t just wait until he’s ready.


The shop is nearing the end of a major re-working, itself. I changed the layout of the packing benches this week. I also ordered some new equipment. Within the next week or two, the shop should be in the best condition it’s ever been. In fact, I think this will be the definite layout. I can’t see why I’ll ever need to change anything again. As soon as I finish, I’ll take a walk-around video and post it so you can take a virtual tour, if you’d like, that is.


I cleaned up both he master bench and the den area of the shop. I also cleaned out my desk, but the office section still needs more work. I have new display cases to put together, which will give me a place to keep the demo builds I will be making this year. I also have some new books cases and end tables coming to replace the floor lamps that no longer work. Again, once I have the office area in its final form, I’ll post a video walk around of that, as well.

The only down sides in the office right now are the need to add the product numbers to the listing on the web store and to get the taxes finished. When I do the numbering on the web store, I will be dropping the “35-” part of the number. From now on, all TMD items will be in 1/35 scale, which means the product numbers will be a simple 4-digit code. I do not plan to ever change this again — ever.


Well, that’s all I have for you this week. So, until next time, please stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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  1. “In fact, I think this will be the definite layout. I can’t see why I’ll ever need to change anything again.” That statement just ensures that you will 🙂

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