2021.1.22 UPDATE: My General Plan For 2021


I did some serious thinking about what I’d like to do with TMD this year, and I’ve made some decisions. Hit the ‘read more’ button and I’ll share the details with you.


First, as of the time I write this, I have managed to ship out all open orders. I do have a new dealer order, but it should be largely filled by Monday. So, if you need anything from TMD, this is a good time to place your order as I will be have been lately.


As of this moment, I am chasing a couple customer care issues, but I have every intention of staying on them until the customers in question say they are happy with the resolution.


OK, I have decided on the direction I would like to take TMD this year. It may not excite everyone, but I think it is what I need to do. I will keep putting out new products, but this will not be the primary focus this year. This year, I am going to focus on finally updating the product line. I’ve mentioned this for several years; I think now it’s finally time to do it. This will include re-working some masters; making new packaging and instruction sheets; up-dating the product listing pages, to include new pictures and instruction sheets. Most importantly, I will try to focus on advertising our product line and expanding our deal network into other countries to help make TMD products more accessible to those of your outside the U.S. I will be using all available means to showcase the current product line, and to call attention to those items that get updated as the work gets done. The goal is to end 2021 with TMD in the best shape I can possibly get it.


With my goal for the year explained above, you should expect that the majority of new products coming from TMD this year will be related to filling out the lines we already produce. I still have some things to add to the M3/M5/M8 Stuart family, to the Matilda family, to the Tiger I and Panther families, etc. Where and when I find the interest to do so, I’ll keep up with new kits on the market, they just won’t be as high on my priority list is all. The goal is to build a line of up-to-date products that you’ll want to use every time you build a kit in a family line for which we make resin products.


I spoke to Karl this week. What I will tell you is that he is doing OK, but he has some personal issues he’s working through. I do not expect anything new from him for a while. The important thing to know is that he is OK. However, if you are of a mind, he could use your prayers.


The shop is in decent shape. A little messy, but not bad. I am thinking about a little bit of a major re-work to the packing bench. Otherwise, there are no issues in the shop.


I have started to work on re-naming the product line on the web store. As soon as I finish, it will be a little easier to find things by product number. I will also start working on figuring out how to attach the pdf instruction sheets to the product listing pages, but this is going to take some time. I’m not good at this sort of thing, and the system may not allow it. Once I have these things accomplished, the web store should be a bit easier to search and the instructions easier to find.

I also have to figure out why some of you are having trouble changing your passwords. I’ll call Go Daddy about this and report back next week.

Finally, I have to start working on the company’s taxes. That will take the better part of a week. I’ll probably tackle it the first week of February so I can get it behind me.


Well, that’s all I have for you this week. So, until next time, please stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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