2020.5.31 NEW RELEASES


I apologize for taking so long to get these out, and for releasing fewer items than I had hoped.  This was a much busier day than I had anticipated.  Still, I have several items here that customers have specifically asked me to put out, and I want to get them out (as I have been saying, I am trying to work on old promises this year).  Hope you find some of this useful.

35-1028 U.S. 105 mm Howitzer Packing Tubes

35-1381 US 105mm Ammunition Packing Tubes w/Caps (one end open)

35-1382 US 105mm Ammunition Packing Tubes w/Caps (both ends open)

35-1383 M4 Sherman Hatch Handles

35-1384 U.S. Light Utility Vehicle Windshield Clamps


6 thoughts on “2020.5.31 NEW RELEASES

  1. Will these (35-1028 U.S. 105 mm Howitzer Packing Tubes) work for the Sherman 105mm? They’re “too big” for the M8 HMC, correct?


    1. As far as I know, yes, they should work for the 105 Sherman. However, the M8 HMC is a 75mm. I’ll re-release the ammo and tubes for that shortly.

      1. Doh! I knew the M8 HMC was a 75. :/ I’m REALLY, REALLY looking forward to some tubes for the HMC and I’ll be picking up some of the 105 tubes before long. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hey Joe, I just received my latest order of all three versions of the 105 ammo tubes mastered by Karl and they are simply the very best of any 1/35 set of ammo tubes that I have ever seen!!!! & !!!!! The spirals in the cardboard tubes makes all the difference in the world, and they are all so sharp and clean and precise. TMD is the place to go for U.S. Army WW2 105mm Ammo Tubes! AS usual, Karl did a superb job and since these are so outstanding in the world of aftermarket plus kit included ammo tubes, he has rocked the world of 1/35 accessories. I would keep Karl around, man!
    Its wonderful that God is in our hobby, like everything else!

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