JOE’S CORNER: Virus and Fires and Tears — OH, MY!


I have agreed not to post these sort of things on our Face Book page so as not to bore those out there who only care about our resin, but I know there are many more of you who do take an interest in the daily happenings of life at TMD.  So, for you, I thought I would share the latest round of ‘fun’ that has come our way.

As I am sure most of you are already aware, the world has gone stark-raving-mad over the COVID-19 virus.  Well, it isn’t any different here — only, for us, trying to go to the store is a 75 minute round trip, not counting whatever time we spend at the store.  Luckily, however, we have been ‘infected’ with a mild case of ‘prepperitis’ for years, so we only needed to buy a few things to make sure we can get through the next few weeks.  So, we’re good on that front.

But the big excitement this week was fire.  We had fires within a couple miles of our home three days straight.  Sunday, there was a fire a couple miles West of us, but Monday and Tuesday was the real fun.  This one was about 100 acres, and it was just 1-1.25 miles S-SW of our back yard.

BB and I had gone to Ft. Walton earlier Monday morning.  We didn’t realize it at the time, but we drove right by the start of this fire.  We found out that it was a threat to our house while we were eating a belated anniversary/birthday lunch together a couple hours later.  Luckily, our middle son went to stay at the house, just in case the shop rats needed to be rescued.  Thank the Lord, the fire started a few hundred yards from the local forestry department facility, so the fire fighters were on this immediately.  This, and the wind was favorable.  The helicopter protected the only threatened property, and everything was well in hand by Tuesday afternoon.  Still, it was a lot of fun (is my sarcasm heavy enough here, or do I need to step up my game?).

So, that’s the virus and fires, now the tears.  All of this has really bitten in to my bench time.  I keep trying to get this company back on its feet but, I’ll be honest, it is starting to cause me frustration to the point of tears.  I’ll keep at it but, if things don’t start looking up — soon — I am going to take this as a sign that it is time for me to move on to the next stage of my life…whatever that may be.


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