Here are the first new releases I’ve had in a l-o-n-g time.  It might not be much right now, but there is a lot more coming — and soon.  If all goes well, I should have a handful of new goodies for you every week for the next six weeks — maybe more.  So, start checking in again, as, once things get going, they will really get going!

35-5140 Panther Exhausts for Ausf A (Plain — Triple Stack)

35-5149 Bergepanther Extended Exhaust Pipes

35-5150 MG 34 Armored Barrels (set of 5 — for German AFV’s)

35-5152 German Gas Mask Containers (set of 6 — later, 27.7 cm pattern)

35-5158 German 0.80 L Canteens, Stored (set of 6 — early, 1939-42 pattern)

35-5176 German, Stielgranate 24 Grenades (set of 30)

2 thoughts on “2020.3.7 NEW RELEASES

  1. Joe. How about a mix of burned-out T-34 wheels? The offerings right now are very poor. And with accurate wire traces on the remnants.

  2. Joe, these are very useful small items and the detail is great! Little fine details! Thanks for doing this.

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