2019.4.19 UPDATE: The Post-Push Blues


I am going through one of my little ‘funks’ this week.  I should have known to expect it, but I never learn.  Anyway, if you’re interested, come on and I’ll give you all the boring details.


First, let me announce — proudly, I might add — that ALL sale orders have shipped!  I even filled and shipped my dealer order.  At the moment, there are zero orders in house.  I know that will not last long, but it is a good feeling to know I am caught up on this end of things.


By now, I hope you have noticed a couple things about the blog page.  First, I used some of the sale proceeds to pay to remove the adds.  So, if you are still seeing them, please let me know.  Second, I have added a new feature.  I started what I hope will become a series of build blogs.  This first one is to let you follow along as I try to get back to actually finishing a kit.  I have a lot to learn to catch up to where all of you are, but it should still be fun.  If this works, I will use the blogs to show you how I plan and build masters, as well as let you keep following my builds.  Going forward, I hope to add a great deal more to the blog page that I once wanted to post on the web store.  This way, I can keep the web store simple, which will make it easier to update that, as well.


I have nothing to announce on this subject — yet.  This is because I have not yet sat down to start on anything new.  My ‘funk’ is getting in the way.  However, I am now thinking about what small items I can make between now and May 3 that will have the broadest possible use.  I mean things like German fire extinguishers, tool clamps, etc.  If you have any thoughts as to small, simple items you could use a lot of, please email them or post them in the comment section below.


I am not suffering from anything serious.  I have friends who suffer from bouts of depression and I would not dare compare what I am feeling to their struggles.  My problem pales in comparison.  I’m just going through a case of the post-high blues. For nearly a month now, I have been pushing to cast and fill orders in the morning and then work on the house in the afternoons.  Now that the orders are finished and the majority of the major work left on the house is done )or at least in sight), I am finding it difficult to keep pushing.  It’s less a depression than a conscious resistance to keep at what I should be doing.  I’ve gone through this cycle my whole life, and I know what ‘the fix’ is.


The ‘fix’ for my ‘funk’ should be simple: I just need to give myself permission to be lazy so I can re-charge.  Therefore, I am going to take the rest of the weekend off from TMD.  I’ll use the next few days to give myself permission to be lazy — but only so lazy.  I will clean the shop, work on the house and build my M60.  I will also plan what I want to make between now and May 3, when I announce our first new releases since hurricane Michael.  It will all work out, you’ll see.


Well, that’s all I have for this week.  Until my next update, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


3 thoughts on “2019.4.19 UPDATE: The Post-Push Blues

  1. I would love to see you build some German WW2 flashlights. These were carried by virtually every soldier regardless of branch of service, but are found very rarely in kits of figures. There are lots of photos of the real thing in the ebay “for sale” ads, although being German there are of course about 3 slightly different models of flashlight! Easter Blessings of rebirth to you and yours! Bob Horning

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