2019.4.26 UPDATE:The Best Laid Plans…


As usual, the week did not go the way I had planned for it to go, but, it wasn’t a bad thing.  If you have a few minutes, I’ll share the details with you.


I started the week with high hopes.  I had planned to work on masters for new products and to get some work done on my M60A1 build.  I didn’t really get to do either, but the week was not a bust. First, I did find some of the masters I had already started for the Panther kits out there.  These are as ‘generic’ as I can make them, so the new Panther line will fit any reasonably accurate 1/35 scale kit.  I also found some other masters for a host of different subjects that had — for one reason or another — gotten ‘lost’ in the shuffle of time.  I’ll get as many of these out by next Friday as I can and — finally — I will be in full production on Panther related items.  I plan to stick primarily with the Panther until I run it at least 90% to ground.  So the future looks bright, even if June is looking brighter than May.


I said that I did not get as much work done on new masters as I had hoped.  Well, something else got in the way.  I not only cleaned the shop, but I finally managed to do something that has never been done in the entire history of this company — not ever!  I got all the stray castings put in holding bins and, more than that, I got all the sub-masters put in their boxes and their boxes filed in their correct drawers!  In other words, everything is where it belongs!  It may not sound like much but, to me, this is like seeing a unicorn Pegasus.


But cleaning the shop was not the only thing that happened this week.  I have been jabbering about finally fixing the web store for over a year.  Well, for whatever reason, I solved the problem that has been keeping me from doing that this whole time.  You see, I am not a programmer.  I can barely manage the web site as it is now.  TO make it better, we need to make things easier to find.  There are not many ways to do that with the abilities I have.  This has always been my main stumbling block.  But I have also been avoiding the job because I knew it would take a full week — or longer — to build the new store.  Then, just this morning, the solutions came to me in a dream.  I know how to build the new store in less than a day and make it easier to find exactly what you are looking to find.  I’ll still have to go back and edit each listing, but that won’t be nearly as difficult as what I was looking at before my revelation.  So, Lord willing, June might also see the new store.  Cross your fingers.


I continue to do well.  The house should be 100% back to pre-storm condition by the end of May. It might still need some paint, but it needed paint before the storm, so…  My health is OK, I’m even losing a little weight.  BB seems happy and is looking forward to getting off for the summer.  Even the shop rats seem to be happy with the new back yard.  All is good here.  I pray it is the same for you and yours.

So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


2 thoughts on “2019.4.26 UPDATE:The Best Laid Plans…

  1. Sounds like you got a heck of a lot done ….all of it positive!!!
    Keep the faith…. you are definitely getting there..

    1. Yeah, actually, this was a very productive week. I just wish I had gotten a little more mastering done, but I am not complaining. It will pay off in the future 🙂

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