2019.2.18 UPDATE: WE’RE MOVING IN!!!


We have started moving back in to our house!   I cannot tell you how great this feels (but I’ll try).  Oh!  And there is news about TMD, too, so come on and I’ll feed you all the juicy details.


We started moving back in today.  We were supposed to move in yesterday, but the movers had a man quit and couldn’t do the job.  They couldn’t help this morning, either, but I found reliable help and they will be here to help with the heavy stuff around 1600 today.

We also had a difficult time with our sub-contractors.  The floors look great, but they went a week long.  Then I had to chase our trim molders off the job.  My brother, Jeff, and I will have to finish the trim this week.  But, all-in-all, things are finally looking up for us and we are excited.


As some of you may have already known, I had taken a job as the project coordinator for my contractor here in Bay County, Florida.  The idea was to help my neighbors now that I was getting back in to my own home, and I managed to do this for several of them.  However, my personality type does not mix well with the owner of the company and we both decided it was best we part ways while we were still on friendly terms.  As a result, I will be returning to TMD full time.


We will be moving back in this week, then BB and I will be taking a much needed and well earned vacation next week.  After that, I will return to the shop full time.  Looking backward here, I think this has been a good thing for me.  My creative juices are flowing and I am very ready to get back to doing what I do best, what I believe I am meant to be doing — serving you by making your hobby more enjoyable.

That is all I have for now.  I’ll post a regular update Friday, the 22nd.


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