2022.4.29 UPDATE: ‘Guard’ Your ‘Loops!’


Yet another good week.  That makes three in a row.  Say, do you like the title of this week’s UPDATE?  Did it pique your curiosity any?  If so, click on the ‘READ MORE’ button and I’ll share the details with you.


I had to spend most of this past week catching up on outstanding orders.  I still managed to finally find a way to tree and cast the M-18 light and siren guards.  Watch for those to be released later today, Friday, 29 April.  I will also be releasing the new footman tie-down loops I made for the M-18 kit, as well.  In other news, Dave Hobbs paid us a visit Thursday.  That went well, as we reviewed my plans for TMD after I finish with the M-18 masters.  I continue to catch up on long-postponed house chores, which has been making BB very happy.  Finally, our newest shop rat, Annie, is doing well.  She is growing like a weed and in a hurry to learn how to do everything the two older dogs know how to do — which includes trying to sneak everything and anything they can grab out the shop doggie door (which is why I put it directly under the shipping bench, where I spend most my time in the shop 😉 ).


I managed to ship all but 3, and those 3 are waiting on replacement molds.  I’ll email those customers by the end of the day to let them know what is happening with their order.  Otherwise, unless your order was placed Friday or later, you should have received and email from Stamps.com with your shipping confirmation and tracking number(s).  If not, please email me so we can figure out what happened to your order.


I have two new items for you this week.  Watch for their release by the end of the day.


The following are all still on my bench and making progress.

— Tools with cast-in straps and footman loops (should be ready next week)

— 1-piece canvas mantle cover (shooting for next week)

-– Foul weather hoods, erected and collapsed (working)

— Starting on the M-18 driver’s compartment next week

As soon as all of these are on the market, I am going to pivot to the M-18 interior and return to the IBG 7TP.


I spoke to Karl last week.  He is doing well and was working on a small remodel when I caught him.  He reports a lot of progress on his new masters, but he has no idea when any of them will be ready.  The way Karl likes to do things keeps him working on many projects at the same time.  So, when the flood gates do open, look for a bunch of CCKW stuff, as well as some new upper hulls for the Sherman line.  He assures me that these new hulls are needed to fill in some holes in our current line, and that one of them will make M32 fans very happy. 🙂


The time has come to stop and tackle the shop.  So, orders or no, Monday and Tuesday will be largely dedicated to getting as much of the shop cleaned up and properly stored away as possible.  This is going to be a boring job.  Wish me luck and that I can stick with it and don’t wonder off to do something more interesting.  Trust me, if I can finish this, it will pay dividends for all of us in the end.


The office got a little more love this past weekend.  I managed to straighten out my desk area, but I still need to finish cleaning up the library.  Once I finish with that chore, and I clean up some smaller papers and such that are laying around, the office will be back in ship-shape order again.


Little has changed since last week.  I’m doing well and I’m still excited about working on the M-18 masters.  Everything on the domestic side is good, too.  So, all-in-all, things are great on this end.  Hope you can say the same wherever you are 🙂


Well, that’s all I have for everyone this week.  Until next time, you stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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