4.15.2022 NEW RELEASES!


The following items have been finished, the production molds are curing and will be ready Monday.  However!  The pictures in the listings are from test shots and test builds.  I apologize, but it has been a rough month and I am running behind.  I will get the demonstration builds completed as quickly as I can.  Once I do that, I will take and post proper pictures.  Until then, I have posted what pictures I have.  This way, you can see what I am making and — if you trust my reputation for quality and customer service — you can decide for yourself: order now, or wait until I have everything completed and proper pictures posted.


The sale went very well last weekend, and I still have about a dozen large orders to ship.  So, if you order any of these new items, please give me a few days to catch up with open orders before I ship your order for these new items.

Remember, friends: I am one man trying to keep up with the world (and I’m getting old, too 🙂  ).


1400 M-18 Spare Track And Mounting Brackets

1401 M-18 Hellcat Replacement Tarp Hold-Down Brackets

1408 M-18 Hellcat General Detail Set (TAM)

9006 0.5 mm Bolt Heads and Washer (75 count)

9007 0.5 mm Nuts and Washer (75 count)

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