2022.4.1 UPDATE: Defeated By Success


I had another gook week — bad week.  On one hand, I am very happy; but on the other, I am disappointed with myself.  Hit the ‘READ MORE’ button and I’ll give you the details.


For the first time in a while, we had a ‘black’ month (a month where we made more than we spent).  For some time now, we have had ‘break-even’ months: we didn’t lose money, but then, we didn’t make any, either.  However, thanks to all of you, we made a very small profit this past March.  However, most of that came in this past week, and that success de-railed the new releases I had planned to put out today.  I apologize, but I had to spend my time shipping orders or things would have gotten totally out of hand around here.


I struggled to get the orders out this week, but I managed to get everything shipped!  As I write this, there are no open orders in the shop!


As I said, I have a bunch of new items to release, but I simply did not have time to finish the production molds and web store listings in time to release them today.  NO PROMISES, but I will shoot for release next week.  I say, ‘no promises,’ because I absolutely must take time to clean the shop and the office.  Things are such a mess that I am making the situation worse simply by trying to find the things I need to make and ship your orders.  I hope you will understand and be patient.  This is one of the pains that comes with being a one-man show.


The following are all still on my bench and making progress.

— A set of light guards made closer to scale (finished)

— 0.5 mm bolts with washers (to replace hull details) (finished)

— Detailed spare track holders w/individual links (finished)

— Turret canvas retaining loops (finished)                                          

-–  A general details set for the exterior hull (finished)

— Medium size footman loops (finished — 3 new sizes!)

— .05 mm Nut and washer detail set (finished)

— Tools with cast-in straps and footman loops (Finished)

— 1-piece canvas mantle cover (working)

-– Foul weather hoods, erected and collapsed

As soon as all of these are on the market, I am going to pivot to the M-18 interior and return to the IBG 7TP.


I apologize, but I have not had time to call Karl in a while.  I’ll try to get that call in this afternoon.  If there is anything new and exciting to report on his front, I’ll make sure I let you know.


The shop is now a total wreck. In fact, it is such a mess that it slowed me down this week.  This is one of the primary reasons I wasn’t able to finish the new releases.


The office is also a full-on disaster, and it contributed to slowing me down this week, as well.


I still want to post that JOE’S CORNER post I keep threatening to write, but my better angles are stopping me.  Until I can get more control over my emotions, I am going to keep the things that have been on my mind to myself.


Well, that’s all I have for everyone this week.  Until next time, you stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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