2022.3.4 UPDATE: Progress, Just Too Late To Make This Week’s Release Date


I am still struggling to keep up around here, but we made some real progress this week.  If you have the time, hit the ‘READ MORE’ button and I’ll share the details with you.


I pretty much lost the first three days of this week to babysitting the puppy.  I just cannot make the time to work on the master bench with her.  She will give me a 2 – 2 1/2 hour nap in the morning where I can work orders, but then, that’s it.  She is awake and going the rest of the day, and she needs to be watched!  However, Wednesday night, BB came up with an idea that really worked.  She let me move my master bench to the kitchen table.  It’s temporary, but I got a LOT of work done Thursday.  I almost had a customer request item ready for today, but the master collapsed in the mold (it’s hollow).  Still, I made a lot of progress on the M-18 items, and — if this continues — I will have new stuff (finally) by next Friday!


As I type this Friday morning, March 4, I have 2 open orders and both need new molds.  BB is going to babysit the monster Sunday, so I can make the molds.  This means those two orders will ship Monday.  Otherwise, I have nothing in the shop needing to be shipped.  Folks, this is a bad thing!  The bills don’t get paid that way so, if I make anything you need, this is a good time to order.  Annie is giving me the time I need to keep up with the orders, she is only slowing down the master work.  Please, don’t think you are helping me by holding off on your orders.  I need the work (please).


I have a Tiger I turret bin working (should have been ready today, but…); a 1-piece, late M-7 Priest FDA master in the works; and the retaining pins and chains for the Panther tool and track storage set — all in the works and very near completion.

The following are all still on my bench and making progress.  I’m not going to bother guessing when I will have them ready.  As soon as I have enough new M-18 products ready to make them worth an order, I’ll release them.  Until then, I am just going to keep plugging away.

— A set of light guards made closer to scale (almost)   — Front turret roof with open gunner’s sight (finished)

— The missing crash pads (finished)                                — Bolts with washers (to replace hull details) (finished)

— Detailed hull hatches (almost)                                      — Tools with cast-in straps and footman loops

— Detailed spare track holders w/individual links               — Turret canvas retaining loops

— Gun mantle without canvas cover                                   -– Foul weather hoods, erected and collapsed

-–  A general details set for the exterior hull                        — A spare road wheel

Once these are completed, I will move on to the driver’s compartment and the rest of the interior — maybe even a partial engine compartment.


I can now tell you that Karl is very excited about the new Miniart U.S. 1.5-ton 4X4 trucks.  He is looking at how they can be upgraded, as well as how he can update the Hobby Boss and Tamiya CCKW’s.  I have no idea what we will see from him — or when — but I can tell you that I have not seen him this excited and motivated in a long time.


The shop is now a wreck.  I hope to get some cleaning done Sunday, while I am replacing molds.


The office is a full-on disaster, but there is no hope of cleaning it up until things change with Annie.


I have come to the point where I have to quit talking about the changes I need to make with TMD.  The time has come to make them — for better or worse — and then just live with my decisions.  Watch for a ‘JOE’S CORNER’ this weekend explaining what those decisions are and how they will affect TMD.


Well, that’s all I have for everyone this week.  Once again, I apologize for the continued disappointments, but — trust me — I’m no happier than I imagine many of you are about the whole thing.  Anyway, until next time, you stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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  1. I feel you…. we just got a new puppy. Trying to potty train him is NOT conducive to time on the bench.

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