2022.2.11 UPDATE: Hit By The ‘B’ In NBC ATTACK!


I am starting to think that God is trying to send me a message and I am refusing to listen, or somebody out there does not like me very much.  Either way, I had yet another of ‘those week’ this week.  Hit the ‘READ MORE’ button and I’ll share the details with you.


We continued to have medical issues this week only, this time, BB and I were hit by a biological attack (hence the ‘B’ in NBC).  We have both been sick all week.  I have no idea what BB has, but I have entirely different symptoms.  So, unless there are new indications of COVID that are not listed on the CDC’s page, I have yet another of the many sinus infections I’ve had to deal with my whole life.  They are just one of the many joys that come with having extremely bad allergies.  For the most part, I have learned to work through them, so I managed to fill and ship orders and to keep up with my other chores for both TMD and our home.  However, I had a very bad day in the middle of the week where I simply couldn’t sit and look down to work on my masters without my sinuses draining into the front of my face and creating a disabling headache.  So, I lost the most critical day of the week, and that kept me from releasing anything new for another week.


Currently, I have two open orders, and both of those came in overnight.  I will get them filled and shipped out Tuesday of next week.  This means the shop is pretty much in need of more business.  If you need anything, this would be an excellent time to order.  You won’t have to wait too long to get your order shipped out.


We will be a little slow on Monday as we are getting a new addition to the house.  I still miss Chip, but so does his brother, Chief.  BB and I have always found the best cure for this pain is another puppy so, this Monday, Feb 14, we will be welcoming Annie, a new little miniature schnauzer.  She will be nine weeks old.  Hopefully, she will fit in without any major adjustments.  If nothing else, she will give Chief a break from having to deal with Sadie, who is still all puppy.  Instead, Sadie will have to deal with Annie and the old man (Chief) can get a few extra naps in during the day. 🙂


As I just finished explaining, I was slowed down this week by a sinus infection this week.  That said, I still managed to make progress on the new TAMIYA M-18 kit. I did finish the following items, but I held them back until I can finish a few more items — so you can order everything you need at one time and save on shipping:

— A set of light guards made closer to scale                      — Front turret roof with open gunner’s sight

— The missing crash pads

I will be posting pictures of the finished items later today.  Look for them on our Facebook and MeWe pages.

I am adding the final details to the hull hatches today (I hope).  With a little luck, they will go under rubber by this afternoon.  After that, I will do my very best to get all of these other details finished before the kits hit the U.S..  I am being told that should happen between the end of Feb — mid March:

— Detailed hull hatches                                                       — Tools with cast-in straps and footman loops

— Detailed spare track holders w/individual links               — Turret canvas retaining loops

— Gun mantle without canvas cover                                    -– Foul weather hoods, erected and collapsed

-–  A general details set for the exterior hull                           — A spare road wheel

Once these are completed, I will move on to the driver’s compartment and the rest of the interior — maybe even a partial engine compartment.


I can now tell you that Karl is very excited about the new Miniart U.S. 1.5-ton 4X4 trucks.  He is looking at how they can be upgraded, as well as how he can update the Hobby Boss and Tamiya CCKW’s.  I have no idea what we will see from him — or when — but I can tell you that I have not seen him this excited and motivated in a long time.


The shop is good shape, but I have molds to put away (as usual) and some items I still need to sort and stow away.


The office is in a bit of disarray, but this is because I am working on new masters and trying to finish up on the taxes without taking a day off to do them.  In the past, I have always just taken a day and banged them out, but this time, I am trying to work on them a little bit every night — after BB goes to sleep.  Fingers crossed that I finish them by the end of Feb.


As I already mentioned, BB and I are still sick, but getting better.  We are no so sick that we aren’t excited about welcoming our new schnauzer puppy Monday.  I am also struggling with some personal decisions I need to make.  They shouldn’t affect the operation of TMD.  If anything, thing might actually get better after I decide what to do and get busy doing it.  Until then, a large part of me is just marking time (marching in place), and that is an all-around waste of time and effort.  So, here’s to hoping I can shake this naval-gazing I’ve been doing and get back to marching forward again real soon.


Well, that’s all I have for everyone this week.  I apologize for the continued disappointments, but — trust me — I’m no happier than I imagine many of you are about the whole thing.  Anyway, until next time, you stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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