12.3.2021 UPDATE: ENEMY INTERDICTION (a.k.a Cranky Ivan!)


Not that many days ago, things were looking very good: our forces were quietly marshaling in their forward positions getting ready for the kick-off of our next offensive. That’s when it happened! We were interdicted by enemy fire! Hit the ‘read more’ button for the full after action report.


Like I said: our forces were quietly marshaling into their forward deployment areas, getting ready to start a new offensive. Orders were coming in and getting shipped the next day. I was making good progress on the master bench and was just about ready to pour the sub-molds for new releases. I was even dreaming of slipping quietly into my December break with little to no fuss. Then we were hit by a 152 mm artillery barrage! In this case, it came in the form of two dealer orders, one of them rather large. That messed things up — big time.

The artillery barrage was followed up by a flight of Sturmoviks. This time, they took the form of our elderly neighbor passing away the day after Thanksgiving. That ate up a couple afternoons as we ministered to his wife and the rest of their family.

Finally, commander Stalin fired up his organs and played us several rounds of polkas that tap-danced on our heads. This time, it came in the form of our 15 year old printer finally giving up the ghost. Worse, it crashed while printing the instructions and packaging for the large dealer order.

Aaannnnyyyyways, it all resulted in the new releases getting delayed — again.


As bad as it might all seem, things aren’t a total disaster. Other than the printer, we didn’t take any real casualties. We just need to get the troops rallied and back in formation (or, the shop cleaned up and things put back in order). However, Crank Ivan’s successful interdiction has caused a change in plans. I am going to shut down all communications — especially the Enigma machine — and start planning for the January offensive in total silence. That means that, starting now, I will not tell you or anyone what I am going to try to do next. All I will say is you will find out on January 7. Until then, I am going to be on break.

Feel free to order, just know that I might not ship it for a while. My focus now is on taking some time for BB and I and, when I do work, I want to spend my time on the master bench, not the shipping bench.


You guys stay safe out there. Spend time with family and friends. Have fun. Build a model (preferably something using TMD resin). I’ll be back sometime between Jan 3-Jan 7. Until then, Happy Holidays!


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  1. You have a great Holiday season with your family and friends Joe. You deserve it. And I look forward to seeing your new items in the New Year.

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