I am going to release a bunch of new stuff, but, before I do, let me take this opportunity to prove to the world that I could and would do things better than I already do them — if only I was in charge of my own model company — by telling everyone about every little detail I am going to get wrong on the new items I plan to make before I even see what the new items I am going to make look like.


There, now!

Did I accurately capture the ‘essence’ of on-line commentary, or what?


[To those this post is aimed at: I doubt you’ll understand, but this is post is what is known as ‘satire.’ It is intended to draw attention to how ridiculous you sound by being over-the-top ridiculous, itself. Sadly, even after having just explained it, I know you still won’t get the point. But, hey! Us ‘normal’ people will understand. I suspect many will even agree with me: which is why I wrote it — to let you ‘normal’ modelers know you are not alone. Counting you and I, there are at least two of us left. 😉 ]

5 thoughts on “THE TMD BEE

  1. I was “normal” once. Bored the snot out of me. Though I enjoyed the novelty and clear sinuses, I reverted back. A thing to remember is that those who can…do. Those who can’t, bitch about how it was done.

  2. They’re using their third eye… the Indian Ajna Shakra (mystical perception beyond ordinary sight) but we all know it is blind and located between their buttocks!

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