2021.10.29 NEW RELEASES: The Panzer I Family


As promised, I have the first of what is going to be a series of products dedicated to the Panzer I AFV Family. However, this time, I have something a little more than just a few resin items planned for you. If you’re in a hurry, skip down to the new items. However, if you have a little time, I would like to explain what I am trying to accomplish with this new line of items.

It all started with the new TAKOM 2-in-1 Panzer I kit, item TAK02145. Looking at the two kits that come in the box, I realized that TAKOM had been improving their game. The detail on these kits is exquisite! So, naturally — modeler that I am — I started chasing the Panzer I squirrel.

I started by buying some other after-market items (the idea was to just build for a change). I soon discovered a few things. First, when it comes to markings and decal options, the Panzer I family is well supported. However, some of the new ‘printed’ products left me feeling less than enthusiastic. I am not criticizing any product(s) in particular, it’s just that some had very rough ridges in them that are all but impossible to sand out — especially if you want to keep the detail — and others were so brittle that I broke about half of them trying to clean them up for use. Well, since I still want to build a Panzer I, and I own my own resin company, I decided it was time for me to make the things I needed.

This quickly started me down the research path. If I am going to make it for myself, I might as well make masters. And, if I am going to make masters, I need to make them as correct as I can. This is how I stumbled across something else I had not expected. So far as I can tell, no one has ever kitted a Panzer I that represents a clean, as built vehicle. What I mean is, most every kit I have (TAKOM included) represent the 1937 field modified versions. So, if I want to build a pre-war, pre-modificiation Panzer I, I cannot do so out of the box. This started the light bulbs clicking on in my head.

I have a little gem I have not released — yet. I call it the ‘Tiger Finder.’ It’s just a simple spread sheet that I designed for modelers. You just find the year and month of the Tiger I you want to build and follow the column under down the chart. As you go, the chart tells you what specific details were or could apply to the different parts f your Tiger I according to that date. It works very well. So…. Yes! You guessed it: I have designed a Panzer I finder.

The Panzer I finder will help you determine what you need to build a Series 2 early and late Panzer I — as built. Then, a Series 3 early and late Panzer I — as built. Then a Series 4 Panzer I — as built. Finally, it will detail all the changes that could have been made under the 1937 field modification upgrades. As you might discover, there is a lot more to this issue than meets the eye. When I publish my Panzer I finder, I think those with an interest will be happy with how easily this little chart not only sorts things out, but also links you to the TMD items you might need/want for your build.

Ultimately, my plan is to publish the Panzer I finder on the TMD Blog. Then, I will release a Series 2 Early & Late Backdate, a Series 3 Early & Late Backdate and a Series 4 Update for the TAKOM Panzer I’s. I will follow those with a 1937 Filed Modification Update/Detail set. These will also spin-off a bunch of smaller, individual items. Finally, I will use these items to make a Bison I and Panzerjager I update set. At that point, you will have everything I can possibly make in resin for the Panzer I family.

The goal is to release whatever pieces of this overall project I have completed every Friday until I complete the series. I am shooting for a finish date of December 31, 2021. Cross your fingers for me.

With all that said, here are the first two new releases in the new Panzer I AFV Family line

5189 — Panzer I Ausf A Reinforced Road Wheels (TAK)

5190 — Panzer I Ausf B Reinforced Road Wheels (TAK)

NOTE: If you have the TAKOM 2-in-1 kit, and you’re not really a super-detailer but you hate difficult fill-and-sand jobs (or you mess up your kit parts in the attempt, which I did), then you will want to buy 1 of each — TMD# 5189 AND 5190 — per TAKOM kit! But, hey, at the price I have set, you can buy both 5189 and 5190 for $5 less than you can buy 1 set from the other company offering Panzer I road wheels. 🙂


If all goes well, next week, I will have the Series 2 Early & Late, “AS BUILT” back-date sets and all the individual spin-off products that come from that back-date set. Think MG 13 barrels; early fire extinguishers; a 3 ton jack and block that can be shown in use for diorama purposes; and the early, non-reinforced road wheels.

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  1. Looks like someone got their spark and mojo back! This is VERY good Joe. Go easy, don’t rush, and ENJOY the process!

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