IMPORTANT NOTICE: Shop Down Until Aug 10!


I was mixing a new batch of resin this morning and our 20 year-old chemical containers finally gave up the ghost. The container that has always held the plastic side of the resin cracked and can no longer be used. I cannot mix a new batch of resin until the new containers arrive, so the shop will be down until that time.

I have ordered replacements, but these have to be special. I can’t use the ones you find on Ebay or Amazon as they tend to ‘breath,’ which is not good for the resin — especially the plastic part. IF the vendor delivers as promised, I will get the new containers on Monday, August 9. This puts me back in operation Tuesday morning, August 10.

Until then, I hope you will still order, as many orders can be filled with the parts already in the holding bins. If you place an order that will need to wait for the new containers to arrive, I’ll email you to let you know.

Until I am back in operation, I will grab the opportunity to concentrate on doing nothing but making new masters. Hopefully, this little delay will turn into a model blessing for all of us.

I apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you updated.

Stay safe,


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