2021.7.30 UPDATE: Still Here — I think :-)

Hi Folks,

Well, I did my best, but it was another busy month away from TMD and I only managed to complete a couple masters.  Still, there has been some progress, and there is other news, as well.  So, come on and click the ‘read more’ button so I can tell you about it.


I had hoped to have more for the new IBG 7TP kits today, but, unfortunately, all I have ready for release are the drive sprockets and early idlers.  I was well on my way to finishing the turret, as well as the Gundlach periscopes and mounts, but I discovered new information on both subjects.  The periscopes will be ready soon.  I just have to figure out how to do the mounts.  These things are not as easy as they appear — at least, not if you want to give them the ‘TMD touch,’ anyway.  But the turret is a different story.  As nice as the kit is, the turret was not made with slide molds and, truth be told, because of its shape, I’m not even sure that would have helped.  The result is, the rivets heads on the outside could be a lot better.  In addition, the metal framework inside the turret is missing all together.  I had almost finished the rivets when I realized they aren’t really rivets, they’re slotted screw heads — like on early war U.S. armor.  What’s more, they’re counter-sunk, and don’t stand proud of the turret like the kit depicts.  Consequently, I had to stop work on the turret and hunt down the correct size screw heads.  Luckily, Scott Negron came through for me and they will be here Monday, but that is too late for today’s release date.

In addition to these and some other 7TP products on my bench, I still have the German armored car interiors and the M10 fighting compartment on my bench.  I just have to finish one project before I start on another.  In this case, since it’s the new hotness, I am going to finish with the 7TP’s.  Also, I will just release things as they get done.  It’s what I should have always been doing, and it’s what I’m going to try to do now.  Besides, it will give me something to post on Facebook so they will stop telling me how much I’m boring all of you.


I spoke to Karl last week, and he seems to be doing OK.  He has some new masters on his bench.  Several of them are Vietnam era, several will make you Shermaholics open your wallets.  He said he’s close to being finished on some of them, but I don’t rush our friend anymore.  When he gets done, I’ll let you know.


As you folks across the pond know by now, the UK and EU have said I need to apply for a VAT license for every country over there.  Well, I can’t and won’t do that.  So, either order from MBK-Germany, or risk ordering direct from me.  Just understand, if you order from me, I am not going to put anything but the product in your package.  No packaging, no invoice, no nothing that will make it look like anything but ‘used plastic model parts.’  So far, this seems to be working.  So, if you are OK with rolling the dice, so am I.  We’ll keep going this way until we can’t.


The shop is in decent shape.  No worries there.


Sales are starting to become an issue, but this is my fault.  I have not done my job.  No new releases is bound to mean a drop n sales.  I’ll keep working on that.  In the meantime, I have started to finish the first of the re-works.  I’ll get them posted soon.  Also, a customer let me know several of our products have dropped from the web store, including everything we make for the TAKOM T-29/30/34 kits.  I’m working on figuring out how and why this happened.  I’m also trying to get them posted again by the end of this weekend.  Finally, a customer sent me some pictures of his finished TMD products I need to post.  They look good!  They will be posted here, on the blog, but also on our Facebook page.  Watch for them.


I am still having troubles outside of TMD, but I wrote about them on JOE’S CORNER.  You can read about them there.


OK, that’s all I have right now.  More as soon as I have something important to say or August 27 rolls around — whichever comes first.  Until then, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin — because I really need the work).


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