2021.5.28 UPDATE: A Change Of Direction

Friends (and valued customers);

I have new masters in the works, but nothing new to release. This is because a new kit came out and it has been on my ‘wish list’ for many years. Sooo…. I decided to do a quick change of direction and start working on a few details/corrections for this new kit. Hit ‘read more’ and I’ll give you the details.


As I write, I have no open orders left in the shop. If you have placed an order and have not received a shipping notification, please contact me. Either your email got lost, or your order never got placed.


As I said in my opening to this post; I do not have any new products to release this month. This does not mean I have not been working on new masters. I have. But I decided to change direction so I can work on a kit I have wanted to build for years — the 7TP!


I am still working on the Stuart family, and I will continue to do so. I am also going to work at finishing up the small detail parts needed to complete the interior sets I started for the German armored cars and half-tracks. However, for the foreseeable future, my primary focus will be on the new IBG 7TP kits. Since this is essentially a T-26, I will probably look at the Hobby Boss T-26 kits, as well.


I spoke with Karl this week. He seems to be in good spirits. I know he is still tinkering with several Vietnam era projects, but I asked him to look at a specific Sherman project. He is on it and, if things go the way he was talking, it might just lead to several ‘Sherman holy grail’ items coming out of the shop sometime later this year.


The shop is in great shape. All molds are in their boxes. Most production blanks have been put in their boxes. All but one of the bench tops are clean, and the one that is not is piled high with items to be posted on EBay. Heck, I even swept the place today.


The office is in as good a shape as the shop, I just need to dust it.


I am doing better — much better. I am still fighting my bronchitis, but my mood has improved a great deal. I even wrote a lengthy JOE’S CORNER explaining everything, but I have decided not to post it. Instead, I am just going to shut up, put my head down and do what I do. I am pretty sure that will speak louder than words.


This is all I have for this month. I’ll post again at the end of next month (June 25th or maybe even July 2nd). Until then, please stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


4 thoughts on “2021.5.28 UPDATE: A Change Of Direction

  1. If you’re building the 7TP as well, you should add some photos to the blog so we can see the progress. Would be cool to see you build.

    1. I will, but I am still on the Tiger I. It is mostly built, primed and waiting for me to paint it. I’ll update that this weekend, just not sure when.

  2. Awesome Joe! Have been wanting to get your Matilda II ii kit to complete the collection though I gonna use it to make that German Oswald with the 5cm KwK 38 L/42 replacing the turrent. Is that bad Joe.. That Oswald has always interested me..

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