Welcome Back,

I hope you had a safe and happy holiday season. Mine was safe, but not so happy.

Not too many of you follow this blog page. Most of you get your updates from Facebook. Maybe you subscribe here because you’re not on Facebook, or to get these Joe’s Corner posts. I don’t know. The good news for you is, I’m not going to post this on FB, so, if you are here, then you are the only ones who will see this.

I have been going through a tough time, wrestling to get my arms around some things that I’m not sure what to do with. There is another side of my life; a side I try to keep separate from the modeling world. This side of my life has been making things very difficult for me. Close friends know what it is. Anyway, I’ve been presented me with an opportunity that I’m not sure I want to ignore any longer. I’ve dabbled in it for a while and, now, I think it might be time to get serious about it.

So, for the near future, I am going to have to split my time between this new project and TMD. Don’t worry, TMD isn’t going anywhere. I never will understand why people think I’m closing every time I explain why a one-man show is going to be operating a little sluggish for a while. The reality is that I will be giving the time I would usually spend making new masters to this other venture, and that will keep me from working on TMD full time. Per my habit, I just thought I’d explain why — at least, to the extent that I can. If you absolutely need more details, then email me. I’m happy to share the details privately, but not in an open forum.

OK, so, that’s that. TMD will be slow for a while, but still here, selling and shipping. Now, go back to modeling — and stay safe.


  1. no probs mate it’s your life and yours to live however you want. I’m not on FB as I believe that it’s the biggest threat to our way of life that we currently face Cheers

    1. Joe good luck on new project. I am not using Twitter and I try to stay off of Facebook. The censure ship from the Lords of the Universe have me feed up!

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