Whichever one of you out there has my voo-doo doll, ENOUGH! Please, put that thing away — at least long enough to let me get back on my feet — please!

Seriously, my luck has been going in such a way that the only thing I can think of to explain it is that one of you out there has a voo-doo doll of me and has been amusing himself or herself by trying to see how many new and interesting things you can put me through. Here’s the latest in that string of ‘interesting’ challenges this person has hit me with this month.


So, I’m just going to tell you the truth. I have a bad back. We also have three dogs. Well, Saturday, at about 5 AM, I tried to roll over in bed, but had a dog laying between my legs, pinning me. Needless to say, it resulted in an awkward twist, which put lateral force on an already bad back and — you guessed it — my back went out. As a result, I have been in my brace or laying in bed or on the recliner all weekend.

I had planned to clean up the shop this weekend, so I could be ready to hit the ground running today. Well, my back put an end to that idea. I have new orders (thank you, you guys are helping me recover from unexpected expenses), and a few EBay sales left to ship, but I’m not going to be able to spend much time on my feet today (or at the desk). I’m just about recovered, but experience has taught me that, if I over do it today, I’ll be back as square one. Consequently, I’m not going to get much done today, and I’ll likely be slow all week. I’m sorry, but don’t blame me — BLAME THE GUY WITH MY VOO-DOO DOLL!


I have been advised that the web store is not working the way it did before the crash. I don’t know, because I cannot see the site the same way you guys do. My administration status gives me a whole different view of things. I do know that GoDaddy has been sending messages all weekend telling me they are still uploading and backing up the site, so (fingers crossed), maybe things are better now. If not, I’m afraid you will have to just deal with whatever aggravating glitches you encounter because I am not going to spend time fixing a site that is about to be replaced.

OK, that’s all I have — for now. If that voo-doo dude doesn’t leave me alone, I’m sure I’ll be back again soon. Just know that I am still trying to catch up and get ahead of things. Until then, thank you for your loyal support. TRUST ME! I do not take it for granted. I am blessed and I know it, and I thank the Lord for each and every one of you ever week. Thank you 🙂

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