2020.7.17 NEW RELEASES



I did not manage to get the M10/Achilles driver’s compartment completely ready for production this week.  I got most of the sub-molds finished, but I need multiple castings of some parts and did not have time to finish them so I could make the final runners.  Also, I have not been able to reach karl and need to discuss some things that need to be added to this kit.  I fully expect the completed kit to be in fully release/production next Friday, July 24.

Until then, if you want to place your order, I am going to let you do so.  However, if you take advantage of this offer, you are acknowledging that your order may take up to 2 weeks before it ships, and that you agree to this delay.  But do not worry, you will receive a copy of the final production version of these items.  Pre-ordering just gets you to the front of the line because I ship according to when the order was placed.

As a bonus to entice you to order, I listed these items at $35.00.  I can guarantee the finished products will be closer to $40+!  There will be many more pieces in the finished product you will receive than what you see in these pictures.  So, think it over and do what you do 🙂

35-1385 M10 Driver’s Compartment (TAM)

35-2065 Achilles Driver’s Compartment (TAM)

3 thoughts on “2020.7.17 NEW RELEASES

  1. Joe, would you by any chance consider releasing the radio from your new M10 driver’s compartment set as a seperate item, maybe in packs of two? That radio looks absolutely perfect!

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