2020.5.1 UPDATE: A Good Week


I had another distraction this week, and it prevented me from accomplishing everything I had hoped to do, but, in spite of this, I managed to have a good week.  Come along and I’ll give you the details.


In case you didn’t see the pictures on our Face Book page, we had a brush fire behind our home and shop early this week.  It got to within 2oo yards of our house, but they managed to keep it off our property.  Anyway, that sort of distracted us for the better part of two days.


As I write this, I have 2 customers waiting to have their orders filled.  The first was held so I could replace new molds (he has been emailed).  The other came in yesterday afternoon.  I had to push that order until Monday so that I could finish the new releases (sorry, guys).


I ad hoped to have more, but I still managed to get 10 new items ready for this weekend.  Now I just have to set up the product listing pages and get the pictures taken.  I have a little assembly to do for several of these new items, and I am not going to rush things this time.  So, as soon as the first test castings are ready, I’ll take the pictures.  Once the pictures are done, I’ll post the new releases.  It may happen today (Friday), or it may happen Sunday.  We’ll have to see how well everything goes this afternoon.  However, so you will know what is coming, I managed to finish the following items:

All of these are German personnel equipment, especially as mounted in armored cars and closed-top half-tracks: the early, 25 cm pattern gas mask containers (set of 6); mounted gas mask containers w/leather or canvas straps (set of 6); mounted canteens w/leather or canvas straps (set of 6); bread bags (set of 4); map cases (set of 5); mounted first aid kits w/leather and canvas straps (set of 2); mounted breathing tube extensions (set of 5); breathing tube extension and empty mounts (set of 5).


If next week goes well, I hope to finish the MG 34 spare barrel cases; the MG tool kits; the MG ammo cans and mounts; the cooking pots and mounts; the MP 40 and mounts as well as a few other smaller detail items necessary to start putting together vehicle-specific interior detail sets.


Karl has finished a series of masters.  They have been mailed.  As of this moment, we are waiting for them to arrive.  I’ll post teaser pictures once I have them in the shop.


The shop is a mess.  I am giving serious consideration to taking a week off of mastering so I can get it put back together and finish with the permanent storage arrangements.  If I do this (and it looks like I will), then I will take off two weeks from now.  I’ll still fill orders, but there won’t be anything new after next Friday, May 8, until the end of the month.


I’ll probably spend a little time in the office cleaning up files over this weekend.  If I stand down after the 8th, I’ll put in a little of that time in the office, as well.


OK, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next time, please stay safe and take care of your loved ones.  If you can, try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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