2019.6.14 UPDATE: The Summer Doldrums

Hi Folks,

OK, so I am back from my trip with BB.  It was a good trip — maybe too good.  I had such a good time that I find myself in my usual summer doldrums.  I just can’t seem to get things out of first gear, but I’m trying.  Come on and I’ll fill you in on all the boring details 🙂


I managed to get most of the open orders shipped.  If your order has not shipped yet, you received an email telling you why.  Going forward, I am going to do my best to make sure everyone whose order does not ship by Friday gets an email explaining the hang-up and when they can expect their order to ship.  It isn’t much, but I am trying to find ways to provide you with better customer service, and keeping you informed seems to be an obvious way to start.


While I am having trouble getting into a higher gear, I am still moving forward.  I have several projects on the master bench and there will be new goodies in June.  In fact, my biggest problem in this area is too many squirrels.  Luckily, I think I have my squirrels sorted to Panthers and the M10 family, but that will change in a hurry when the MINIART M3 Lee/Grant kits hit my bench.


I am still struggling to figure out how to categorize everything in the product line so it will make sense.  I know, I sound like a broken record.  I just keep giving you the same old excuse.  Well, this is one of those things that really isn’t as easy as it seems.  Plus, it is also one of those things that eats up a lot of time, time a one-man shop doesn’t always have to spare.  Still, I know how important it is to make the shop easier to search and I am going to force myself to get this done.


I’ve said this before, but let me say it again: I am not depressed.  I do not want anyone to worry, nor do I want to give anyone the impression that I am suffering from something more serious than I am.  Folks who suffer from real depression have a real problem deserving of our compassion and concern.  No, my problem is a combination of a change in my daily routine and a lack of discipline.  It’s that simple.  I need to figure out how to force myself to do the things I need to do to run TMD and my home.  So, please, don’t worry, I am OK.  I just need to find the old Marine in me again.


OK, that’s all I have for this week.  So, until next time, be safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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