2019.4.12 UPDATE:Another Good Week!


I didn’t accomplish I wanted to do this week, but I got a lot of it done.  In fact, it was a good week.  If you have a few minutes, I’ll tell you about it.


There are several of you that needed replacement parts.  I know there was an M4A4 upper hull, some tanker’s helmets and a Sherman Hull Hatch set.  The problem is, I put all of those emails in a folder and — Lord help me, I don’t know how it happened — but that folder and every email in it just VANISHED!  They are not in my trash folder.  They are nowhere!  So, please, if I owe you replacement parts, email me again so I can send them out.


I started the week with quite a few orders left over from the sale.  Typically, I push large orders to the end of the sale, so I had 8 of those.  But I also had a handful of other orders, and we took new orders, as well.  This is why, in the past, it could take me up to a month to ship the last order from a big sale like the one we just had.  Well, not this time!  As of right now, I only have 6 sale orders left and the majority of them are 90% finished.  In fact, most of them should ship tomorrow, Saturday, April 12.  This is a first for me and I am stoked about it!


I have not had time to get to the master bench — yet!  I hope to clean the shop and get things ready to go over the weekend.  That will let me start on the new goodies Monday morning — and boy!  Do I have some cool ideas.  I just wish I could tell you about them, but my ‘adviser’ has been telling me to follow my own words and shut my mouth until the new items are actually finished, the molds are made and they are ready to be shipped.  So….  I’ll ‘try’ to stay silent (but I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to do it 😉  ).


I finally figured out how to program the changes I want to make.  I think I even know how to save time doing it.  What I need now is a week to just spend my afternoons building the new web store.  That will come in May.  I just need to finish the house first.


My brother helped me for an afternoon this week and we got the majority of our crown molding up on the walls.  He is going to help me finish the last of it Monday afternoon.  I am also expecting delivery of our fill dirt today.  If that happens, Jeff will level it Monday, before he helps me finish the molding.  This is all great news for BB and I because it means we might have the repairs 100% completed by the end of April!  Even if we push completion into May, this is still more good news in our book.


OK, that’s it for this week.  You folks stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).


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