I will keep this update very short.  In fact, it will be the shortest update I can remember writing.

First, I am good and the sale has gone well.  So no need to wonder about me or TMD: we’re both good.

Last, you have 3 days left to take advantage of our sale.  I do not plan to hold another cart-wide sale ever again.  This is your last chance to save huge on TMD products.  The sale will end sometime Sunday.  I don’t really know when I’ll end it, so don’t wait.  Anytime after lunch on Sunday, as soon as I feel like doing so, I will shut the sale down without notice, and that will be it.  So, DO NOT WAIT — ORDER NOW!

That is all.


One thought on “2019.3.29 UPDATE:ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT!!!

  1. I will have an order to you today
    I need a couple of tool racks and a dml half track update set

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