2018.9.21 UPDATE: Fingers Crossed


Oh, has this been a weird last two weeks.  I’m not going to go into it, but it has been a struggle to stay focused and on point.  Still, I have a lot of stuff finally starting to come together.  Come on, I’ll tell you about it.



The big news for this week is that I managed to get anything done on the master bench at all.  I’ve had some serious distractions in my world lately, but I have finally managed t push through them — at least a little bit, anyway.

Also, I still have a pile of kits here that need to find new homes.  I will take pictures and put them up here and on our Face Book page.  If you see something you like, I’ll let you email and make an offer.  I’ll be considering any reasonable offer.  I’m not holding an ‘end of the show fire sale,’ but I will consider any fair offer you guys make.  I really do not want to go through the hassles of putting them up on EBay.  So look for the pictures Saturday morning.  Come Monday, they go EBay, so be fast.  I need the room.


I have treed-up Karl’s 75/76 mm and 105 mm packing tubes.  They will be ready next week.  I have finished some very nice hatches for the Takom Lee/Grant kits.  They will also be ready.  I have Mike Bishop’s KV 85 asymmetrical turret on the bench along with the round fuel tanks and mounting gear for the KV series on the bench.  I am also pushing the spare track racks and mufflers for the U.S. T-30/34 and I’m trying to finish two ladders for the Panther.  I have more M3 Lee/Grant items in the works, but not sure how many of them will get finished in time.  Still, if all keeps going as well as it is now, I should have a little something for everyone next week.


I am going to do what I can to put together a list of things I want to do, email it to my friend and ask him to see what he can do for me.  I am not doing well on this project.  It has reached the point where I am angry with myself over it and personal experience tells me things will go sideways for me if I do not fix it soon.


I have my first ‘Joe’s Corner’ post forming in my head.  If you haven’t already done so, check it out.


 As of this moment, I have no outstanding orders.  I could use some.  Do you need anything I can help with?  O:-)


OK, I have returned orders from the following people.  If you see your name in this list, or you know how I can reach any of these guys, please email me (info@tigermodeldesigns.com):

Peter Seril

Jerome Branca

Ian Smith

Pierre Senelle

Victor Raul Volturno

Owen Nelson


So, I have been distracted by something a friend of mine drug me into.  It has absolutely nothing to do with modeling.  It is something I love and and almost got into for a living.  I have spent a great deal of my life studying it.  So, as you might imagine, it has been a distraction.  But it has gotten to a point where I realize it could really hurt TMD, and I am not going to let that happen.  SO, relax, I’m getting a handle on it — promise.  And Dave Hobbs has been helping me, so I am being held to account.  🙂


Well, that’s all I have for now.  So, until next week, stay safe and try to build something (preferably something using TMD resin).

— Joe

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